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Behind every door there’s a story

Posted by Stewart Bunn

‘Behind every door there’s a story’ according to Joseph Yap and it’s exactly the same with real estate franchises and cooperatives. There are plenty of doors to knock on when you’re considering whether to be an independent agent or align yourself with a brand, but not all the stories end happily ever after.

Fortunately, one company lets you do both. At First National Real Estate, you combine the freedom of independence and the profile of a nationally recognised brand, to design the agency of your choice.

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Our network is comprised of 400+ members doing exactly that, but when you want to join First National Real Estate, you have to be as committed to our customer service mantra as we are – We put you first.

Business partners Joseph Yap and Steven Lazaridis are dedicated to transparency in achieving the best results for customers. They believe honesty and respect are paramount, and they are incredibly well qualified to deliver the highest standard of property services. Joseph has a Bachelor of Business degree in marketing from Monash University; both he and Steven have intensively trained in the art of negotiation, and together they speak five languages; English, Chinese, Indonesian, Greek and Macedonian.

blue-msc-real-estate-agents-2016.pngYou’ll find it difficult to find a stronger commitment to putting customer first than you’ll find at First National Real Estate Lazaridis & Yap in Melbourne’s Balwyn North. Likewise, you won’t find it easy to find a national real estate brand that offers the products, services, technology and support offered by First National Real Estate.

We have Australia’s most satisfied customers and that’s because we have Australia’s most satisfied agents.

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