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Tenant’s insurance, is it important?


You might not be aware but if you’re planning on leasing a property and sharing it with friends, don’t expect your insurance company to be all that thrilled with the prospect of covering your prized collection of DVDs. You see, although two’s company, three’s a crowd from an insurer’s perspective.Tenants_insurance_is_it_im.jpg

Evidently the actuaries who spend their lives crunching numbers and managing risk have worked out that while more may be merrier, the security of your personal belongings is statistically reduced.

So, what to do when the insurance company says no? Talk to your First National property manager of course! He or she will put you in contact with First National’s insurance alliance partner who has a policy that’s perfectly designed for you and your buddies. Your contents can be covered for a down to earth, reasonable premium that won’t break the bank.

That’s what we’re about at First National. We put you first.

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