When the winter months come around, it’s often tempting to hibernate and wait for the temperature to start rising again.

However, there are plenty of maintenance tasks you can be getting on with to keep your home in top condition and less likely to suffer any problems.

winter property maintenance


Clear your guttering

One area of the home that often gets neglected is the guttering. While it might not be the most attractive of tasks, clearing it of leaves and debris is essential.

Your guttering is, after all, what takes water away from your home, so it’s highly important that it’s in full working order all year round.

Have air conditioning units serviced

There’s no better time to have your air conditioning system serviced than during the winter. If there does happen to be something wrong with it, you can get it fixed without having to worry how you’ll cool yourselves down.

It’s also a good idea to change your HVAC filter, as this will help your system run more efficiently and perhaps even cut down on your bills.


winter property maintenance


Check the roof

Damaged roofs can cause all sorts of trouble when winter comes around, so don’t delay in giving yours a once over.

This means looking for lost or damaged roof tiles and getting them fixed as soon as possible. Heavy rain and high winds can cause all sorts of problems if you don’t!

The same goes if you have a chimney – don’t delay in having any structural problems put right.

Invest in insulation

If you often find yourselves huddling together for warmth when winter comes around, it might be time to install some insulation.

There are so many different types available that there’s bound to be one that’s suited to your needs. Some can even be installed without the help of a professional – ask your local hardware store for advice.


winter property maintenance


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