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What are the advantages of buying a new-build?

No matter whether you're getting onto the property ladder for the first time or hoping to take your next steps, it's important you weigh up the pros and cons of different types of home. One that is likely to feature on your shortlist is a new-build, which can offer several advantages over an established property.

Here are some of the top reasons a new-build is well worth considering.

1.  Energy efficiency

Modern houses are built to strict environmental standards, meaning you can move in knowing that it's likely to be much more efficient than an existing property.

This can have a positive impact on your bills, so you can spend your money on the more exciting things in life.

2. Customisation

If you buy your new-build during the planning stages there's a chance you'll get a say on some of the features.

For example, you might get the opportunity to choose the style of your kitchen or bathroom, select the flooring types you want and perhaps even the light fittings too.

3.  Move in straight away

A brand new property should be ready for you to move into as soon as it's completed, meaning you don't have to wait for the existing owners to vacate.

There's also the fact you can eliminate the strain of wondering whether the sale is going to go through - providing all the paperwork is in order, it should be a done deal.

4.  No repairs

A new-build is perfect if you don't like the thought of making a lot of repairs. Your builder should be on hand to rectify any problems you encounter during the initial period.

Older properties could have hidden problems that are difficult and expensive to rectify, whereas with a brand new home you will hopefully avoid this happening.


5.  Grants may be available

Across Australia, various State and Territory governments offer a variety of First Home Owners grants and/or incentives to build new homes. You may be entitled to one of these very helpful grants so explore this page for further information.

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