After enduring a challenging winter, in and out of lockdown, it’s time to clear the cobwebs and embrace the optimism of spring! A spot of DIY styling is just what the doctor ordered – to freshen up your surroundings as the warmer weather approaches or perhaps get your home ready for a quick sale! We’ve covered the hottest home styling trends for 2021 in our recent blog here, so now we’ll look at how we can bring these, and other top trends to life in our homes – all without taking out a second mortgage. Let’s get started with some simple DIY tips…



Sure, those YouTube tutorials might make things look easier than they are, but DIY is not beyond the capabilities of your average Joe if you are well prepared. Here are our top tips for DIY success:


  • Start small to build your confidence – if you’re a complete DIY novice, start with an easy, small project that won’t result in an expensive fix if it doesn’t work out. This is why styling is a great DIY task for beginners.


  • Learn from the pros – soak up expert advice through project specific YouTube tutorials, Bunnings DIY Advice resources, or even at an in-store Bunnings DIY Workshop (restrictions permitting). The more homework you do, the better the outcome!


  • Have the right tools for the job – set yourself up to achieve the DIY project at hand with the necessary tools. Borrowing what you need off friends or family is a great, budget friendly option for beginners.


  • Be brave and give it a go – sometimes just backing yourself and having the confidence to give it a go is all you need to get started. A successful DIY project can be so rewarding, so get amongst it and give it a try!


So where should you focus your prowess? Here are a few of our favourite DIY home styling tips:



We’ve said it before, but there really is nothing like a splash of paint to freshen your home and bring in new colour trends. As we covered in our recent blog, bold, primary colours are making a comeback, and so are textures. If you’re not confident wielding a paintbrush, peel and stick wallpapers have come on the scene recently, making application simple for DIY enthusiasts. Coming in a range of colours and textures, they’re a great way to embrace seasonal style influences.


7 DIY styling tips to enhance your home this spring painting



Sadly, bedrooms are often neglected in favour of more visible spaces like living rooms and kitchens when it comes injecting style or personality into your home. On average, we spend around 33 years of our life in our bedrooms, so we think they’re a space worthy of a bit of attention! Colours, lighting, and accessories are the easiest ways to transform your bedroom into an enticing sanctuary, and all can be achieved on a DIY budget. Whether it’s simply picking up a few euro pillows, new duvet cover and throw in this season’s hottest shades, or taking on an on-trend DIY headboard project, freshening up your bedroom is a new season must.



From whipping up a weekly batch of cookies to baking our own bread, kitchens have seen a fair amount of action over the last 18 months! Full kitchen makeovers are pricey and fairly major, but there are some simple tweaks you can make to refresh and update your culinary hub. Start by clearing benchtop clutter and intentionally styling this space instead. Layered arrangements are favoured by home stylists – this is where spotlight-worthy items like wooden chopping boards, salt, and pepper shakers and cannisters of cooking utensils are artfully rested against the kitchen splashback. Picking up a few low-cost items like new tea towels in this seasons colours, a pretty tray to house sink-side essentials, and a beautiful kitchen-specific scented candle will complete the picture. As we’ve mentioned before, smells can help sell homes too!



As we mentioned in our 2021 styling trends blog, lounges sell homes, and 2021 is all about focussing on comfort. Plush, earthy spaces with curved lines are all key to achieving this trend, which you can easily bring into your home with a textured, plush rug to frame the space. If budget allows, (it’s definitely not DIY) there’s nothing like a roaring fire to lull you into a state of relaxation – for inspiration, check out our blog on Australia’s cosiest fireplaces here.


7 DIY styling tips to enhance your home this spring lounge room



With houseplants still very much on the scene for 2021, if you’re the type to kill them off rather than have them flourish, learning how to easily propagate (grow new plants from existing ones) is a DIY and dollar saving must. Once your houseplants have multiplied, learn how to style them the Vogue way here.

Exterior greenery creates an inviting façade for your home and a little DIY physical labour can transform your front yard from neglected to appealing. First impressions are huge if you’re considering putting your home on the market, so having lush foliage on display can make all the difference.



Freshening up the flooring in your home can completely transform the feel of a space. While a complete overhaul is a significant investment, refinishing wooden or engineered floors can breathe new life into old boards. If you’ve got a small space like a laundry with tired, worn floors, a relatively easy fix can be laying DIY floorboards. For larger spaces, stone, or concrete look vinyl flooring won’t break the bank and will revitalise your overall aesthetic. Perhaps your existing carpets are just in need of a good commercial clean –  hire a machine from Bunnings and DIY it.



Your home should be a sanctuary to return to after a busy day at the office (or home office), so channel feng shui principles and bring some Zen into your space. If a little rearranging can bring good vibes, why not give it a go? Check out 9 essential tips for creating good feng shui in every room of your home here.


7 DIY styling tips to enhance your home this spring feng shui


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