Widely known as a goldmining town, Kalgoorlie-Boulder – the biggest city in the Australian outback – isn’t your usual dusty pit accompanied with a scattering of temporary buildings. Driven by gold since 1893, the main street is brimming with intricate heritage buildings testament to the extreme wealth created by one of Australia’s greatest gold rushes. Today, these are accompanied with a thriving city centre, a strong sense of community, and an action-packed social calendar. While gold remains an undeniably big attraction – with Kalgoorlie producing more than 60 million ounces to date – we think there’s so much more to love about this golden city.


  1. There’s plenty going on aside from mining.

Being six hours from the closest major city means making your own fun, and Kalgoorlie (or Kal as the locals call it) has certainly embraced this challenge! Here’s a glimpse into what’s on offer:


  • Social events – there are a huge number of events on the Kal calendar and it’s fair to say the days of Kalgoorlie being the Wild West are long gone. From festivals to monthly markets, fun runs and tastings at the local brewery, you’re more likely to find yourself double booked than with nothing to do. The jewel in the social crown is the iconic Race Round A day where people from all over Australia frock up and flock to the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Racing Club for one of the most well-known racing carnivals in the country.


  • Sports – Getting active is big in Kalgoorlie, so it’s no surprise the town is packed with sporting venues. The Goldfields Oasis is a five-star gym, aquatic and sporting complex close to the centre of town and the Ray Finlayson complex is home to soccer, cricket and the 20/20 season.


  • Getting outdoorsy – if getting close to nature is more your thing, there are plenty of winding bike paths for lazy weekend rides or 4WD adventures to be had. With numerous dams for swimming and camp sites on your doorstep, Kal is packed with picturesque picnic spots perfect for the young and old.


  1. You’re sure to get a warm welcome.

According to locals, it’s rare to walk down the main street of Kal and not be met with a smile, wave, or greeting. With Kalgoorlie full of people that have blown in from other cities dotted amongst friendly locals, the town is known for its welcoming vibe.


7 things to love about Kalgoorlie our golden city kangaroo


  1. It’s a family friendly destination.

And a great place to raise a family. With an abundance of green space, including playgrounds, native bush, and big backyards, Kal is home to plenty of young families making the most of the fabulous lifestyle on offer.

Hammond Park is a lush oasis worth checking out, complete with an animal sanctuary, playground, beautiful heritage listed rotunda and an impressive miniature Bavarian Castle.


  1. The mine is worthy of a mention!

Kalgoorlie is home to the Super Pit which is hands down the most popular attraction in the area. It’s Australia’s largest gold producing mine at approximately 3.6 kilometres long, 1.6 kilometres wide and 512 metres deep. Originally a collection of individual mines, in the late 1980s Western Australian businessman Alan Bond started buying up all the leases to create one big company and the Super Pit was born! The Super Pit is an amazing sight to behold and available to visit, so chuck on your high vis and safety glasses and book in for a tour!

While the Super Pit employs over 1,000 locals (it’s not a fly-in-fly out operation), it’s not the only employment opportunity in Kalgoorlie. Supporting the mining industry are literally hundreds of locally owned businesses and feeding into that are the industries and careers that keep the town ticking.


7 things to love about Kalgoorlie our golden city super pit


  1. It’s home to a world-class golf course.

While golf in Kalgoorlie dates back to the late 1800s, The Goldfields Golf Club has leapt forward from its original primitive location at the old racecourse to its current world-class Graham Marsh designed site. Promising outback golf at its best, golfers at the Kalgoorlie Golf Course are rewarded with an impressive course that is currently ranked within Australia’s top 20. Birdies, bogeys, and eagles aside, it’s the spectacular views of emerald-green fairways contrasting with a backdrop of fiery red earth that set this course apart from the rest.


  1. It’s steeped in history.

From the moment gold was first discovered in 1893 (by two Irish prospectors who had stopped to sort out a lost horseshoe) through to the full-on gold rush that followed, Kalgoorlie has an interesting and rich history. The main street (Hannan Street) is a great place for an admiring stroll. Taking in the ornate hotels like the Palace Hotel built in 1897 (which was recognised at the time as the most luxurious hotel outside of Perth) to the York Hotel and Exchange Hotel, it’s easy to while away a day admiring the lavish interiors of a town awash with gold money. For a solid dose of history, head to the Museum of the Goldfields and explore the largest display of gold bars and nuggets and gain a glimpse into the lives of mining families in the early 1900s. There’s plenty more on offer for history hunters – everything from the historic Burt Street to the famous 100-year-old Questa Casa brothel and the narrowest hotel in the Southern Hemisphere, The British Arms. Check out the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Visitor Centre here for a full run-down.


7 things to love about Kalgoorlie our golden city hotel


  1. It’s a great place to buy a home.

Whether it’s an investment property or a family home, the median house price in Kal of around $320,000 (which is 40% less than Perth and 265% less than Sydney) combined with a population predicted to grow by 30% in the next ten years make buying in Kal an attractive proposition. There’s been a significant investment in infrastructure (nearly $2 billion over the last few years) and with just under 700 new mines currently under consideration, the golden days of Kalgoorlie are here to stay. Best of all, housing in Kal is a beautiful mix of heritage miners’ cottages and modern brick homes, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style and family needs.


From its wild beginnings as a gold rush town full of fortune-hunters, Kalgoorlie has grown into a bustling city bursting with history, character, and a strong sense of community. Kalgoorlie is a great place to spend a little or a lot of time, so saddle up or swagger on down to Kal and you might just fall in love.


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