With most of us having spent a significant amount of time within our own four walls this winter, we’ve had plenty of time to dream and get inspired about our home style, creature comforts and interiors. Across our First National offices, we get to see interior trends first-hand; and the one clear styling trend we have seen stand-out for 2020 is colours, styling and furnishing all created and tastefully put together around ‘mindfulness’.


Our homes are a refuge from the stresses of the outside world (and now more than ever before), so bringing a sense of serenity to your home this spring will give you a much-needed boost. If the spring sunshine is not enough to get you moving, we have picked out our 8 favourite mindful home styling inspirations to get you springing into action!


Spring clean

First, let’s kick off your home styling spruce up with a thorough spring clean – remember to clean it like you mean it with these tips from our August article and let loose your inner Marie Kondo with some mindful decluttering. Starting with a clean, blank slate will make space for your seasonal styling additions.


Set the stage with neutral hues

Channelling a sense of calm, warm and neutral tones that mirror the natural environment like oatmeal, earthy browns, soft eucalyptus greens and stone are the standouts for spring. Fans of bold colours can rejoice however, with accents in spicy pink, merlot, ochre, and deep blue making their way indoors. Think plush velvet couches in deep wine reds that you can sink into or generously proportioned floor cushions in warm ochre destined for snuggling. Neutrals are best suited to walls and large furniture pieces, leaving accessories and artwork to steal the show with a pop of colour.

spring style


It’s a jungle in there

Connection with the outdoors is the foundation of the mindful styling trend, so it makes sense to literally bring nature inside with plenty of houseplants or even foraged foliage. While not only working hard on the style stakes, houseplants have been proven by none other than NASA to remove toxins from the air. Multiple studies have also shown they can boost mood and productivity – so it’s time to get green! Indoor plants that we’re loving for 2020 include foolproof cacti, monstera, fig varieties and potted olive trees. Remember, if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, you can always fake it ‘til you make it with artificial plants.

Plant interior


Bigger, bolder, botanical.

It’s a case of bigger is better when it comes to artwork selection this season, and we’re no longer confined to frames. The neutral tones of the season lend themselves perfectly to bold statement pieces like murals, vivid wallpapers, and decals. Simply position as a backdrop to beds and couches and consider the space styled. Not ready to commit to wallpaper? Botanical prints are easily accessible online and don’t need to break the bank.


Rug up

Nature inspired colours and fabrics are once again the hero when it comes to floor coverings, with this spring’s style favouring undyed or lightly dyed natural fibres like wool, sisal, jute, and silk. Adding a fresh floor covering helps define spaces in your home and is an easy way to inject this seasons trends into your interior. A style we’re loving is the move away from traditional rectangle shaped rugs to fringed ovals and circular designs.

circle rug



You’re invited…outdoors

Whether it’s a full-scale renovation on your outdoor area or some simple additions, making your outdoor living an inviting sanctuary or extension of your indoor living space is a must in your spring styling arsenal. Add instant appeal to a sad winter-worn outdoor area with refreshed planter boxes or outdoor cushions in this season’s colours, and apply fairy lights generously for the ultimate invitation outdoors.


Light it up!
While making the most of natural lighting and the increasing sunshine hours is the way to go for spring, the biggest trend in lighting fixtures is glass. From mid-century statement pieces to glowing spheres delivering that hygge glow, glass is understated and compliments natural interiors and colour palettes.

glass lights


The curtain call

Finally, framing the outdoors and the glorious spring sunshine with on trend drapes will tie your refreshed spring style together. Continuing with the natural, mindful theme, earthy tones continue to dominate with soft furnishings, along with textured fabrics. Don’t forget to check out our tips on drapes and blinds from our August article to ensure you’re making the most of your space.


The calming, mindful interior style for spring is, in a lot of ways, more about a feeling – with an emphasis on creating intentional spaces that are decluttered and welcoming. Enhance these with natural light, plenty of plants and soothing colour palettes and prepare to sink into spring.


Don’t fancy yourself stylish enough to do the job yourself or you just need some more inspiration? We see thousands of homes a year and can always call on our expert partners, so call your local First National Real Estate Agent to get connected with some of the best interior designers in the business.



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