It’s that time of year again! Winter’s well and truly set in, and the promise of a fresh start beckons as we bound towards a new financial year. It’s a huge time for many businesses and individuals and a momentous occasion to celebrate with your team, friends, or even family. However, the increased cost of living and tightened purse strings can put a bit of a damper on the party atmosphere, but it doesn’t have to. We’ve got nine finance-friendly ideas to help you celebrate your end-of-financial-year successes without blowing the budget.


1. Sing your hearts out with karaoke

You’ll be surprised at the divas and crooners that come out of the woodwork on a karaoke night, and with every song under the sun at your fingertips, there really is something for everyone! These days, you don’t need to book a private karaoke room for an epic karaoke night either. Simply purchase a karaoke microphone from Kmart or Amazon and set up YouTube on the big screen – Sing King is a great channel for this – search for the karaoke version of your go-to karaoke song and battle for the mic. You can dress up the office or your living room with some tinsel curtains for instant party vibes (and savings on venue hire), or if you’ve got a little more budget to spare, book a trip to the local karaoke bar or a destination like Holey Moley or Kingpin for a full party package.


2. Plan a paint and sip soiree

sip and paint

Another easy DIY option (perfect for an indoor winter celebration) is to transform your office or dining room into a paint-and-sip studio. Simply select your tipple of choice, purchase a few canvases, paint brushes, easels, and paint, and decide on a theme. Or, to keep it super simple, pick up some paint-by-numbers kits, pick a playlist and away you go! Again, the alternative is to check out your local paint-and-sip venue, where you can just show up, get painting, and have fun.


3. Host a games and trivia night
Hosting a games and trivia night is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to celebrate. It’s great for breaking the ice, bonding, and uncovering competitive sides you may not have known about! You can set up a rotation of games – things like your very own version of Minute to Win It challenges, office Olympics or paper plane challenges – and wind up with a trivia section facilitated using an easy platform like the app Kahoot. All you’ll need is a mobile phone to play, and you can even tailor the quiz with work and team-related questions for extra hilarity.


4. Get festive with Kris Kringle in July

Christmas in July

Leverage the mid-winter Christmas tie-in with a bout of Kris Kringle. You can dig out the Christmas decorations to set the scene, then set a price limit, pick names out of a hat, and get gifting. You can add a fun twist by incorporating a theme like silly hats, shirts, or socks, which must be worn on the day of the celebration. Giving gifts is great for team building, it won’t break the bank and is something that everyone can be part of.


5. Tackle an escape room
The new craze at the moment, and a very testing experience…escape rooms. They are not for the weak and are certainly something that will test relationships. These can be done online, hosted in your office with downloadable packs or off-site at a purpose-built, fully-themed escape room venue. And while a fun bonding experience, they’ll also put your problem-solving, communication, and project-management skills to use! Best of all, there are no dire consequences if it doesn’t work out; after all, it’s just a game!


6. Picnic at the local park
Subject to the weather in your region, planning a picnic day and extending the invitation to family and loved ones is a fun way to form deeper connections. Share the load by each bringing a plate to contribute, or head to the local supermarket and keep it simple with some snags, rolls, condiments, coleslaw, and paper plates. On a Friday, knock off work early, head to the local park, bring the portable speaker and some outdoor games like frisbee, volleyball, or cricket, and have fun, relax, and unwind.


 7. Wine and dine with the team

wine tasting

Winery tours or tasting experiences are tantalising and interactive celebrations. These experiences stay with us, create lasting memories, and allow people to bond over an almost universal love of food (or wine). Winery or tasting experiences don’t need to be costly. You can usually find something close to home, or if budget allows, you can create a day trip out of it by hiring a minivan or bus to transport the team. If you’re of the DIY persuasion, creating your own event like a blind wine-tasting is something everyone can enjoy.


 8. Bring your pet to work day
Who doesn’t love a furry friend to brighten up the workday? Pets are known for their anti-stress properties and ability to lighten the mood in any environment, which makes them a perfect addition to office celebrations. Whether it’s a dog, cat, mouse, or bird, create a day for everyone to show off their fur (or feather) baby, and perhaps don’t expect much work to get done. Pets in the office can be slightly chaotic, so set a few ground rules to ensure only animals that can cope with plenty of attention are in attendance.


9. The great office bake-off

baking cupcakes
Competitive and delicious, everyone’s a winner with an office bake-off! This classic competition allows maximum engagement (everyone has at least one fail-safe recipe in the repertoire), and by adding a coveted prize, you’ll quickly raise the stakes. Best scheduled for afternoon tea, put on tea and coffee, hand around voting papers, and sample the entries. A bake-off gets everyone mingling, discussing their – sometimes controversial – favourites and provides a much-needed opportunity to unwind and indulge.


It’s the celebration that counts
No matter the activity or where it’s done, celebrating your achievements and the year that’s gone by is a key ingredient for maintaining morale, building strong, healthy working relationships, and ensuring people stay motivated and productive within the workplace.

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