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A new life after divorce

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The breakdown of a marriage is one of the most difficult life events any of us face. It takes time to untangle a life built together and for the emotional scars to heal but, as you make progress, you will start to see that in the loss of one dream there is potential for many others to come to life.

Divorce Party.jpeg

Divorce adds an extra level of difficulty to daily living if your social life is now filled with people to avoid, or question marks over friendships. Bumping into your ex mother-in-law at the bakery can be awkward to say the least, and if your partner gets full custody of the dog, isn’t it easier to put some distance between you and all of the painful reminders?

For many, life after divorce means a fresh start. A new life in a new city may be just the thing to get you back on your feet - assuming there are no children to consider. A new job, a new home, new friends and a whole new neighbourhood to discover is certainly a step you might consider.

However, there are things that should be thought through carefully before any ambitious plans are made. Severing all ties with your ‘old life’ to make a new one can seem tempting, but there is a grey area between ‘running away’ and ‘moving on’.

Maybe it’s time to further explore those jobs in Sydney that keep coming up at your company? You might have more spare time now so moving closer to your sister in Adelaide means you can spend time you didn’t have before with your nieces and nephews. This is a time when you will need emotional support so make sure that you don’t isolate yourself with any relocation. Moving to Perth may not be on your radar but if your best friend lives there and you rarely see each other, maybe now’s the time? 

Planning a move can also help you to focus on something in the future rather than continue digging around in the past. It can be exciting to think about which city you’d like to live in and explore all the things it has to offer. Your lifestyle may completely change but in the wake of a divorce it already has – so why not take the opportunity to create the lifestyle you want rather than the mourn the one you’re leaving behind? You might like to take a look through our City Guides for an inspiring look at everything Australia’s cities have to offer. 

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