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How to Make Good Choices When Downsizing

Whether the kids have flown the nest or you’ve binged too much of that Netflix show about tidying up, there comes a time for all of us when less is more. How many unused, or spare, or junk rooms does one home need after all? How... more


Why landlords should consider tenants with pets

It’s a turbulent time in the Australian property market. With ongoing pessimism in the media scaring the pants off homeowners everywhere, it’s easy to see why renting is becoming a more attractive solution for many. However there... more


So why can't you live in Strata and have your pet too?

The modern Australian family is more diverse and complex today than it has ever been. A shared characteristic however across the majority of Australian households is the family pet. From the humble dog or cat to goldfish,... more


5 ways to top up Superannuation that you might not have considered

It’s shocking that many of us are in such deep denial when it comes to our superannuation, but the reality is that two thirds of us do not currently have enough superannuation to retire on. For decades, the message has been that... more


Will you downsize now for a superannuation fund tax free windfall?

A few years ago, the Social Services Minister learnt from the Productivity Commission, that older Australians were not averse to the idea of moving house. Seeing an opportunity to improve housing availability for families and... more


With the falling house price, is it time to sell and downsize?

The last couple of years have seen exceptional performance in the housing industry, with increased investor demand driving markets in the eastern states. Buyers have been paying eye watering prices for property, with even first... more
Benefits of living in a housing estate


Benefits of living in a housing estate

There are many benefits to downsizing your home, but the decision about what to downsize to can be challenging. Buying a smaller house does not guarantee you’ll do less maintenance and moving away from your beloved neighbours and... more