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Have your kids outstayed their welcome


Have your kids outstayed their welcome?

It’s hard to know these days when is the right time to kick your kids out. This may seem like a blunt sentiment but with many ‘children’ staying contentedly in the nest well into their twenties, it’s a reality that many parents... more


How to cope with empty nest syndrome

The term ‘empty nest syndrome’ may seem like a cute turn of phrase, but for those experiencing it, it’s a very difficult and emotionally challenging thing to cope with. Grief in its most classic definition comes from loss and... more


What are the real costs of retirement village living

Retirement village living can be a double-edged sword for many – with an often unexpected emotional and financial cost. The choice of retirement home may be freely yours to make, or you may be the one making the difficult... more


With the falling house price, is it time to sell and downsize?

The last couple of years have seen exceptional performance in the housing industry, with increased investor demand driving markets in the eastern states. Buyers have been paying eye watering prices for property, with even first... more
Benefits of living in a housing estate


Benefits of living in a housing estate

There are many benefits to downsizing your home, but the decision about what to downsize to can be challenging. Buying a smaller house does not guarantee you’ll do less maintenance and moving away from your beloved neighbours and... more


Are there Financial Incentives to Downsizing Your Property?

In the most recent Federal Budget, Treasurer Scott Morrison announced a new incentive for retirees, allowing them to downsize to somewhere smaller and significantly boost their super at the same time. Whether it’s one of the best... more


Adelaide or Hobart Could Be Your Ideal Destination for downsizing

As you get older, the need for financial security becomes more pressing – particular if your health is better than you thought it would be and your retirement savings need to last longer than you had planned for. more