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How Millenials can win the rental races with Baby Boomers


How Millennials can win the rentals race against Baby Boomers

If we believe popular media, it seems Millennials want everything, yet do nothing for it - only looking up from their devices to ask someone what’s for dinner. This of course is a massive and unfair generalisation. As a... more
Do You Want To Buy the Rental You Live In


Do you want to buy the rental you live in?

Buying the rental property that you currently live in gives new meaning to the saying ‘try before you buy’. In an ever-changing market, the timing may be right for the landlord to get out when a relatively straightforward... more


How to sail through your next routine rental inspection

One of the main things required of you as a tenant is to pay your rent in full and on time every month, but the other important responsibility you have is to keep the property in good, clean working order throughout the duration... more


How to find a pet friendly holiday rental

If you have pets, you know one of the trickiest things about taking holidays is finding someone to take care of the animals while you’re away. There is an easier solution of course and that is to book a road trip holiday and take... more
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A change in lease accounting: tenants will want shorter leases

If you’re in commercial property as a tenant or a landlord (or if you lease equipment), then you should by now have heard of the IFRS16. Stay with me - what was previously your operational lease has now been overridden and... more
With first home buyers under such pressure, should 5 year leases now become an option nationally?


Should 5 year leases now become an option nationally?

It’s been a year now since the Andrews Government in Victoria announced its intention to introduce longer-term leases as an option for Victorian tenants. With the changes intended to be rolled out sometime this year, tenants and... more