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How do I work out a fair price for my rental property?

When you buy an investment property for rent, it is important to ensure you maximise rental income.  If the property is vacant, you will need a rental property appraisal to ensure a suitable tenant can be found in order to help... more


Maximising Rent Income from your Rental Property

When you buy an investment property, you will be faced with one of two possibilities.  The property is vacant or an established tenant is already paying the rent. If it’s vacant, you will obviously need to source a suitable... more
Buying House With A Friend


Could buying with a friend be the right retirement financing solution for you?

There is an increasing number of women who find themselves alone and financially unprepared as they approach retirement. Women who may have sacrificed years of earning superannuation, by being at home raising the family, are... more
granny flat


Will building a granny flat to boost my income affect my Age Pension?

The fact that we are living longer is of course a great thing, but it also means some people have found their previous retirement planning has turned out not to suit today’s financial needs. Not only is having enough... more
Negative Gearing


Ensure to claim depreciation deductions for your investment property

For most investors, choosing the right property is a big decision. There are many factors a potential investor will think about prior to making a purchase. Astute investors will consider the potential rental returns, the... more


Where rents are increasing despite the housing downturn

It may be that ‘the housing downturn’, albeit slowing,  is the main headline, but the real news right now is that rents are actually steadily increasing, nationwide. Property research group CoreLogic released its quarterly report... more