Oh no, it looks like you’re back at work!


The weather’s good, the festive season was a blast, and now it all seems like a very distant memory.

To top it off there’s hardly any ‘desert oasis’ of public holidays in sight, and schools are back as well.

If you’re feeling like you should be anywhere but at your desk right now or doing exactly what you did last year, don’t despair, you’re not alone! We’re all feeling it right along with you.

Welcome to the back to work blues! Luckily, we’ve come to the rescue here.  Preparing a few pointers that could just help you ride it out, and make what you do daily, feel a lot less like… well work!


1. Organise your day

As they say, working smarter, doesn’t have to mean working harder. Take a few steps back. Look at what you do year in, year out. Now consider how you can prep positively. Organising this year better will lessen that ‘I’m shattered’ feeling. And by popping a few priorities on a hitlist, (such as answering those emails and returning those phone calls as well as looking at projects needing attention from before your break) you’ll be getting on top of life in no time.


2. Weekends, get into them

Many of us live for the weekends, and there’s a lot to be said for that. Start planning and do what you love so you can escape that working week, even just for two days. Grab your puppy, indulge your passion for wine, finish that book or just become a tourist in your own city. There’s always plenty of great events, food to tantalize the taste buds, sports to enjoy, landmarks and the arts to explore right here, in our own backyard. So, get into it!

Beat Those Back to Work Blues


3. Have a break

Those chocky ads have a valid point. Have a break, have a… you know what we mean. Even if your time away from work doesn’t involve a sugar fix, it can work wonders. A little down-time will make you feel happier, give your brain time to rest, and might even allow you space to problem-solve without stress. So, grab a cuppa, a conversation or a walk. By taking a couple of ‘micro-holidays’ at work, you might just discover what you do isn’t so bad after all!


4. Feel the energy

Our energy levels are like yo-yos. And everyone is different. Some are great in the morning. Some are like a rocket mid-afternoon. However, your energy flow rolls; think about the times when you’re going to be most productive and when you’ll be peaking. Planning tasks that need careful attention and sharp focus are perfect for times like those.

Beat Those Back to Work Blues

5. Shave off some social

Unless you’re a social media influencer and posting is your job, staring at white sandy beach shots and Inca trail landscapes all day will do a demolition job on your self-esteem. You’ll simply want to jump on planes – constantly, and face it, you can’t! So, leave daily social to those with downtime and give Insta, Facey and Twitter the flick during your workday. Even if you simply close off the notifications, your well-being (and possibly your jealous streak) will thank you for it.

Beat Those Back to Work Blues


6. Let’s do lunch

So, you can’t travel, but you can do the next best thing – eat, drink and be merry! Hey, we’re not saying “Hit that wine bar”, but if your boss is with you – all good. A great way to feel good is to step out from the confines of your cubicle, get some rays and take in a nice meal. Treat yourself from time to time. You’ve earned it. Whether you’re grabbing something from nearby or just going freshly packed lunch in the park, the trip beyond the four walls of your workplace will do a world of good.

Beat Those Back to Work Blues



 7. Get a vay-cay or night-stay goal.

Sometimes, the best motivation for work can be planning what happens outside of it. So, when you have gaps or breaks, be free to let your mind wander to that next vacation escape. Don’t forget, your next outing doesn’t need to be expensive, extensive or long – even planning a weekend, a night out or just a catchup with friends can add some mid-work joy! Having exciting goals is what matters to keep life interesting.


Every person’s circumstances are different, but we think that by choosing at least one of the tips above and sticking to a couple of recommendations could turn a down time, into some positive buzz. Good luck with your work-survival, we know you’re gonna make it!



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