In the past, an article about careers might have been pitched at someone in their late teens, or early 20s. But the modern career path no longer follows the conventional route and today we change careers more frequently as our personal needs and goals change. We may experience 3 or more different versions of a career throughout our professional lives, but each choice is motivated by the same desires – financial security, job satisfaction and lifestyle support.

Beyond the Hustle

There is somewhat of a cliché associated with the career of real estate agent but the modern-day version is far from the hustling stereotype we all think of. The majority of agents are dealing with everyday people who want to build a life for themselves. They may want a better home for their family, or to create a property portfolio to support themselves in the future. Others might be taking a more entrepreneurial approach to wealth creation through bricks and mortar. While many are simply trying to create solutions around personal finance and housing so they can make ends meet.

This makes a career in real estate a much more diverse proposition than the cliché implies. Agents need to have great people skills, be good listeners and be understanding of the unique and specific needs of each client that comes to them. A career in real estate brings you into contact with new and exciting possibilities everyday – some of them challenging and many of them life changing for the people involved.


Careers with First National Real Estate


Becoming an Agent   

If you are looking for a career with great professional opportunities, flexibility and tangible rewards for hard work, then real estate may be the best career choice you will make. Real estate agents are taught to work ethically and with integrity – gone are the days of no regulation and limited ongoing professional development. They have to constantly balance their professional obligations, whilst maintaining their clients’ needs as first priority. Some days are filled with sharing the jubilation over a successful sale or purchase while others are less so as the inevitable passages of life impact on people’s choices and outcomes. Whatever the situation though, there is rarely a dull moment and the rewards provide greater satisfaction than you could imagine.

Why First National Real Estate?

There are numerous real estate companies in Australia but only one has been rated 5 stars for overall satisfaction by consumer ratings and research agency, Canstar Blue. First National Real Estate has established a strong reputation for customer satisfaction and is widely considered to be the employer of choice by many in the real estate industry.

One of the key aspects to developing a lasting and dynamic career is to be part of a strong and thriving network. First National Real Estate is one of the largest real estate networks in the southern hemisphere with 400 offices across Australia and New Zealand. They are an industry leader with regards to the technology, software, systems and training they use and they manage a diverse range of professional portfolios including residential, commercial, rural, holiday and business.


Careers with First National Real Estate


Ongoing Professional Development Opportunities

A career as a real estate agent is particularly dynamic in that it requires ongoing professional development and education. First National Real Estate offers a highly regarded training program to its members, to promote employee development and career success.

As government policies, interest rates and property markets change, so does the need for up to date information that can be delivered in accessible ways to clients. Training focuses on developing agents’ professional skills in these areas, as well as educating agents in the use of customer service systems, software and technology solutions. First National offers a range of customised technology solutions to its members and ongoing support and training is provided to make sure everyone in the network gets the best out of the tools provided.

There is nothing like team spirit to keep you invested in the company culture and First National Real Estate holds regular events across its regions for its members for training, networking as well as general support and encouragement of each other. This includes the General Excellence & Marketing (GEM) Awards that honour the achievements of agents as their career progresses.


Careers with First National Real Estate


Where do I Sign?

So, now you have the background, the first step is to decide if a career in real estate is actually for you! It’s not without its challenges and requires a commitment to hard work. It can, however, be hugely rewarding both personally, professionally and financially.

If you think a career in real estate is for you, contact your nearest First National Real Estate office for a confidential chat. First National Real Estate recognises and encourages continuous improvement, so agents can be the best they can be, and is always looking for enthusiastic people who are committed to quality service and working with integrity.



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