With the annual celebration of Easter just around the corner on the 12th of April, the annual Easter egg hunt doesn’t need to be cancelled, you just need the hunt planned well in advance. Easter Egg hunts whether you’re young or young-at-heart, there’s something special about the thrill of finding eggs, as well as eating and sharing them at day’s end.

With social distancing and self-isolation our new normal, grandparents, friends or family separated by distance can still join in the fun with a video call. With the help of parents or the Egg Tally Judge (our official title), announcing the results can even be a combined effort with grandparents, family or friends via FaceTime, Facebook Video Chat, or Skype – whatever your preference.

To help, we’ve uncovered some beaut ideas that your family will love. So, let’s hop to it!


  1. Colour hunt

To keep the Easter games friendly in your home, a simple way to make sure your household ‘hunt is fair and shared by all’ to save disagreements at the end, is to designate a colour to each child (or adult). Just ensure the eggs that are hidden are distributed fairly and there’ll be plenty for all.


Easter Egg Hunt


  1. Surprise hunt

Sometimes the best and most memorable hunts are spontaneous and totally unexpected. Consider placing your eggs out overnight or early morning so children wake up to the thrill of an egg-chase. Just make sure you place eggs safely away from wildlife, pets and other prying hands! You want plenty of treats left for all to enjoy!


  1. Drop clues too

Scavenger hunts with clues are awesome. They add excitement and get children using their brains to find eggs, not just their running legs. If you are a household of 2 or more, create a set of clues to follow. Map out a trail and scatter valuable ‘finds’ along it. Better still, get the children to work together to discover a giant stash of eggs or an oversized Easter treat at the trail’s end.


Easter Egg Hunt


  1. Non-edible hunt

Not all can enjoy chocolate, for dietary or health reasons. If that’s the case, consider other treats to hide. Be they toys, gift cards or ‘Easter Bunny Money’. Waterproof sealed egg containers are often sold at this time of the year so look out for them. It can add a whole new dimension to the hunt for someone you love.


  1. Golden ticket hunt

As Willie Wonka will tell you, getting a golden ticket means winning a prize – possibly the biggest one of all. You can bring the excitement of a golden ticket win into your egg hunt by re-wrapping or painting an egg gold, then providing the finder with a large prize when they bring it in. This could include Easter Bunny Money, toys or an extra-large Easter Egg. To encourage fairness, it’s a good idea to tell kids there is only one golden ticket, but actually hide enough tickets for each participant to win something special.


Easter Egg Hunt


  1. Egg relay race

The best way to encourage sharing among children (and adults alike), is to split your household into teams, each with a coloured bucket. Then each team lines up and the first runner goes out to find an egg. Once it’s dropped in the bucket, the next team member proceeds out. It’s a way to turn your hunt into a friendly competition, and if one team dominates, eggs can be evenly shared at the relay’s end between buckets for fairness.


  1. Keep it simple

Simple often wins. With a simple egg-hunt, you don’t need to over-think it. Just do it! Scatter your eggs close to home (or in it) and let the chase for chocky begin! Just make sure you remember where you stashed them all!


Easter Egg Hunt


Everyone celebrates this day differently around the world. In Greece it’s known as Pascha and in the Jewish faith it is linked to Passover. Even if your own culture doesn’t observe this tradition, we would like to extend the very best to you and your family this coming Easter weekend.



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