Our dads do so much for us and deserve to be treated to an extra special Father’s Day, but it can be hard to know the best way to say thank you and show our love, especially for dads who seem to have everything and want nothing. Of course, this is made even harder by the current lockdown in some parts of Australia, with all Melbournians spending this Father’s Day in isolation.


Have no fear, help is here! We’ve put together this handy little guide so you can get your Father’s Day gift organised early and brighten your dad’s day, and, for all you online shoppers we’ve even included some helpful links. ‘When is Father’s Day’? Good question! They never tell you that in the adverts do they. You have until Sunday 6 September this year to get your gift organised.


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

The gift of good food is always a sure way to please. If you live with your dad, why not prepare him a delicious, restaurant-style breakfast, lunch or dinner featuring his favourite foods. If, like many of us, you can’t see your dad this Father’s Day, a great alternative is to have a unique food hamper delivered to him. Alternatively, you can have one of his favourite takeaway meals delivered straight to his door using UberEATS, DoorDash or Deliveroo. 


Gifts for the sporty dad

Got a sports-loving dad? Good quality sports gear is a great gift, especially for someone who’s hesitant to spend the money getting it for themselves. Another good option is the ultimate year-round Fox Sports subscription. On the other hand, if your sporty dad is the type that already has everything he needs, you could opt for a fun gift like hallway cricket (if Mum approves). There are also unique sports accessories you can get. For example, if your dad is a big golfer, he may like the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensor, which tracks your golfing performance.

Father's Day Gift Ideas


Handy tools for the handyman

If your dad loves DIY projects around the house or has a workshop in the garage he loves hanging out in, Father’s Day is a great time to add to his collection of tools and gadgets. Get him something specific he needs, or opt for something fun like a 10 in 1 credit card multi-tool that fits in your wallet, or a swiss-army knife style wrench multi-tool.


Set your dad up for his next adventure

Is your dad a thrill seeker? Why not treat him with a gift voucher for a unique adventure experience (to be used after lockdown for Melbournians of course). Some options include a rally drive hot lap, skydiving, jet boat tours and helicopter flights. If your dad has an adventure-type hobby such as kayaking, hiking or dirt biking, how about getting him a new GoPro to capture his most exciting moments?


Help your dad look great

Whether your dad is a fashion-conscious fellow who likes to look his best or a practical man who just wants to keep well-groomed and tidy, a new shaving kit is a fantastic gift idea. Get him a great quality multi-groom kit or put together a grooming hamper with everything from a shaver to nice skincare products and aftershave.


Deliver his favourite drop

If you can’t enjoy a drink with your dad on Father’s Day, jump online and get him a delivery of his favourite drop. There are a range of great options to choose from online, including special buying wines online from boutique producers.

Father's Day Gift Ideas


For the tech-loving dad?

Buying a Father’s Day gift for a tech-savvy dad can be tricky if you don’t keep up with all the latest trends in gadgets and technology. Nevertheless, there are a range of fun options to choose from, like a fisheye lens for a smartphone, a drone or a fitness tracker. Some of the best presents can be simple, like a good pair of headphones or new speakers.


A gift for the green thumb

Great gifts for a dad who loves gardening are ones that either helps them garden, make them happier in the garden, or help them recover from a big gardening session. This can be anything from handy tools and quality fertiliser to unique outdoor decorations. Bunnings offer online delivery on selected stock as well as click and collect services.


Think outside the box

If you’re sure your dad has everything he needs, getting a quirky, fun gift may be a good idea. This is also ideal if your dad doesn’t want you to make a big fuss of Father’s Day with an expensive gift, but you still want to show him you care. For example, Yellow Octopus have a great range of fun and unique “man cave” gifts.


A simple call or video chat

Above all else and gifts aside, don’t forget your dad or Grandad would simply be thrilled with a FaceTime, Skype chat or even a simple telephone call from you and your family members, sending him all your love and best wishes for a happy and safe Father’s Day. This is especially true if you are both in lockdown and haven’t had a chance to catch up in a long time.

Father's Day Gift Ideas


It might not be exactly the same occasion this year, but Father’s Day can still be super special. Good luck with your ideas and have a Happy Father’s Day this September. All the best to your dad from us!


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