There’s a lot going on in December, so adding ‘sell the house’ to the Christmas To Do list does have an air of madness about it. However, there are always seasonal and market perks to take into consideration and this year there’s the extra benefit of a strong seller’s market, resulting largely from of the impacts of the pandemic.


If time and preparedness are not an issue, getting your property to market sooner rather than later could result in an entirely unexpected start to 2021 for the brave and lucky few. For the doubters amongst you, here’s just a few of the benefits to consider, when deciding whether to sell your house over Christmas.


1. Less competition

Historically speaking there is often a decline in the number of properties available over the Christmas season. The advantage of this for the December vendor is the opportunity for your property to stand out amidst fewer houses for sale. Buyers keen to make a purchase before the end of the year are also a consideration. Knowing the property listings are likely to surge in January and February is often an incentive for buyers to get into the market in December and secure a better-quality property.


2. Less window shoppers

Some buyers will spend many months researching, viewing and investigating properties and the market before even deciding what kind of house or location they want to buy in. At this time of year when a whole other kind of shopping monopolises time, the kind of buyer likely to view your property is a serious one; so, your chance of a sale increases somewhat in the weeks leading up to Christmas.


Window shoppers selling house at Christmas


3. Fresh batch of buyers

With a large percentage of property sales being made in spring in Australia it’s common to find increased numbers of more serious buyers available as the year comes to a close. Some buyers also find they have better availability to view and consider properties closer to Christmas with more flexible work schedules as the holidays draw nearer. Homeowners who sold earlier in the year might still be homeless due to the pandemic shortage, so will be looking to close a deal and move in before Christmas, ready to take on a new year in their new home.


4. Post pandemic shortage

There are few things to thank COVID-19 for, but an increasingly healthy seller’s market is certainly on the list. With so many people across Australia affected by job insecurities, job losses and the impact of physical and mental health challenges there has been a serious shortage of listings throughout 2020. The outcome of that has been increased buyer interest, rapid sales turnaround and higher than expected prices across most of the country.


Selling house at Christmas auction


If you’re thinking about listing your property for sale in the coming weeks, please contact us. We can offer expert advice on the local market and input regarding your personal circumstances.



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