Home is where the heart is – and that heart also happens to be where we spend most of our time these days. Our homes are a refuge from the outside world, so creating a sanctuary-like interior where the living is easy is our aim for 2021. In our last home ideas blog in 2020, we shared a few simple home hacks to make daily living more practical, comfortable and convenient. As a sequel, we’ve scoured the world wide web for some easy ways to create Pinterest-worthy features without calling in the stylist. So, get reading and get ready to get your 2021 at home off to a clever start…


  1. Year of the cloffice

While 2021 is officially Year of the Ox, we’re calling it year of the cloffice – which is equally hard-working. But what exactly is a cloffice? A cloffice involves transforming an underutilised closet space into a home office. Afterall, there’s nothing sexy about setting up permanent camp on the dining table, and sadly most of us lack the space for a designated home office. According to the 2021 Pinterest trend report, searches for “cloffice ideas” have doubled in volume over the past year as people look for ways to maximise work from home spaces. The basic setup of a cloffice requires some sort of desktop surface (this can be as simple as a shelf or a specific small desk like the IKEA Micke), a chair or stool that can easily be tucked away and a little bit of storage. At the end of the day, you can literally shut the door on work and revel in a clutter-free looking home. Check out these 33 Pinterest-worthy cloffices for some clever cloffice inspo.


  1. Easy décor accents

Inject a splash of colour and comfort with some on-trend accessories like throw pillows and a new rug. Shopping for rugs allows you to go bold and plush or understated and neutral depending on your space and what you’re trying to achieve. Perfect for rental homes, rugs can disguise a multitude of sins like worn or stained carpet or can be used to inject colour when painting the walls is strictly off limits. Best of all, when it comes time to move on to the next home, simply roll it up and load it onto the moving truck. Check out some of the best places to shop for your new rug here.


Handy hints for your home in 2021 rug


  1. The right kind of drama in the bedroom

While drama and bedroom aren’t terms we mix lightly, creating drama with an oversized headboard is a trend we’re loving for 2021. Thankfully, it’s one that doesn’t need to cost the earth. A headboard isn’t so much a part of the bed’s construction as an add on – meaning there are plenty of hacks around to create your very own luxe for less headboard. An example is this IKEA oversized-artwork-meets-headboard hack – where fabric is simply stapled to a wooden frame. Headboards are all about creating a dramatic yet comforting focal point in the boudoir and are easily switched out as trends (and your tastes) change.


  1. Stay in and keep it cool

Staying in is the new going out and having a few friends over (safely) means more drinks to keep cool. If your fridge is struggling to keep up with summer BBQs, get clever and enlist the help of your trusty wheelbarrow. Simply wheel it out of the shed, dust off the cobwebs, pile up the ice and fill generously with your favourite beverages. At the end of the night, wheel the empties out to your recycling bin for an easy clean up. It’s brilliant boho chic at its best!


  1. Take a visit to the spa – AKA your bathroom

There are few things that invoke a sense of relaxation more than a trip to a day spa, and it’s entirely possible to bring elements of that into your very own bathroom. Start with moisture-loving houseplants for a subtropical retreat vibe and add an orchid to the vanity to channel your inner Zen. If you find yourself overwhelmed in houseplants post-nursery visit, check out our tips for perfect pot placement in our previous blog here.

With the greenery taken care of, trigger your sense of smell for the ultimate mood enhancer – a spa experience almost always begins with that lush aroma when you first walk in. From heavenly scented candles like these ones from Glasshouse to sensuous reed diffusers from Ecoya, it’s the perfect element to transition you from humdrum home to calming oasis. The next stop is plush – we’re talking towels, bathmats, robes, and slippers. Bring out all the stops when it comes to sumptuous, thick fabrics to cosy up to for the ultimate home spa experience. Finally, if the budget allows, upgrading to a decadent rainfall showerhead can make all the difference. They don’t necessarily cost the earth – Bunnings has plenty of options – just make sure to pick something that will work in with your existing plumbing and finishes.


Handy hints for your home in 2021 bathroom plants


  1. The right light

While making the most of natural lighting should always feature highly on your list, upgrading lighting fixtures can turn a space from lacklustre to luxe. With a bit of spare time and some DIY persuasion, it’s easy to replace your boring old drum ceiling lights with something to wow. From homemade string pendants to cloth chandeliers and sculptural paper pendants, the internet is awash with ideas for every skill level.


  1. PVC pipe moonlighting as…

Our modern lifestyles make for a lot of messy cords – from hair straighteners cluttering the vanity to computer and mouse cords snaking around your home office. All this can become more organised with a trip to your local hardware store for some PVC piping. For hair wands, attach lengths of PVC pipe to the inside of your vanity door to act as holsters for the wands and their accompanying cords, then stand back and behold the beauty!

To keep cords tidy and out of the way in your work from home space or around the TV, wrangle them, group them together with a cable tie and feed them through a length of PVC pipe – voila, orderly, hidden cords. Still got PVC pipe to spare? The internet is packed with DIY hacks using PVC pipe, you’ll be able to make everything from a knife holder to a bike rack or a vacuum extension – just don’t go overboard on the PVC pipe furniture!


  1. Mirror, mirror make it bigger

Harness the power of the mirror and watch your interior (appear) to grow before your very eyes. Hanging mirrors is a cheap and chic way to make your space feel bigger, and is also a great reminder to keep up appearances if you’re working from home. Place mirrors in spots to reflect natural light or behind lamps and don’t be afraid to go big. Full length mirrors create an illusion of space and are perfect for narrow spots such as hallways or leaning against the wall in a small room.


Handy hints for your home in 2021 mirror


Feeling like you want more easy living inspiration? Check out some of our favourite home décor projects here and here or revisit our 2020 blog here for plenty of organisational hacks.


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