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Have you considered making a fresh start in Perth?

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Divorce is never easy and is definitely not something any newlywed plans for. Watching your life get turned upside down and tipped all over you is devastating. Sometimes the only way to recover is to make a new start after divorce by relocating. Australia is a big country so it’s easy to get far away from your ex, particularly if you moved to the opposite coast – oh hi Perth!

Perth is one of Australia’s best kept secrets, with fantastic weather for most of the year, gorgeous natural surroundings including an abundance of parklands and great beaches and all the lifestyle perks you need in a big city. It is also one of Australia’s most remote cities, which may give you just the space and distance you need to recover from your recent traumas. Cities like Perth and Darwin are very restorative for Aussies needing a fresh start – the isolation creates a bubble of sorts that is both welcoming and protective at the same time. New faces are a welcome change for locals and there is an unofficial ‘ask no questions’ policy that allows you to slip in, make a new start and leave old baggage behind you. 

As a remote city, the population can be a little more transient than in the eastern states so the workforce turnover works slightly more in your favour. This also means that you may be in line for a job above your skill set because that position needs to be filled and you’re the next best person to fill it. Perth is a great place to advance your career, maintaining the same or in fact, a better income. The Perth lifestyle has gained a much-admired reputation as a result, with many singles relocating there to make their fortune in the mining industry and families relocating to Perth for a better quality of life. 

Western Australia’s rich resource based economy, has been the wind beneath the wings of Perth’s high-flying success for many years and the local economy has boomed over and over again as a result. This has of course also impacted on the property market from time to time and, unlike Sydney or Melbourne, more than just the elite few have had the chance to live in waterfront properties.

Every bubble must burst however and, for Perth, 2017 has been a year of change and upheaval. Much of the state’s prosperity has come from mining projects being in development phase, which attracted hefty investment and demanded a big workforce. As that phase started to wind down around 2015 – 2016 to move towards production, less investment was required and workforce needs were reduced. This impacted on growth initially and significant drops in activity were recorded. But the Perth market has recently started to pick up, with more than a dozen suburbs showing strengthening sales figures and dwelling values stabilising for the last couple of months. Existing and new investors are starting to pay attention as the previously slowed market conditions start to get some momentum back again.

A result of the slower post-2016 market is an oversupply of properties, which makes for some nice shopping at the moment. Entering the Perth property market is likely to give you much more bang for your buck right now, particularly for those on a post-divorce budget. There are few bargains to be had in the inner-city areas but suburban Perth has plenty of choices as well as strong predicted rental yields for the future. Putting solutions in place now to get you back on your feet should also take into consideration long term opportunities such as upsizing for yourself in the future, but keeping the initial property as part of your investment strategy.

Divorce is a huge chapter in your life but it also represents a new beginning. Getting through it with some dignity and security behind you is the first priority but it’s also important to look ahead to your new future. Divorce offers a 2nd chance to create the life you’ve missed out on up until now and live the lifestyle you want most for your future. Perth offers the complete package of distance, lifestyle, opportunity and all of tat sunshine to bring you back into the light, with your best days ahead of you. To learn more about Perth take a look at our comprehensive city guide.  


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