Podcasts. Thanks to our insatiable appetite to multitask, this booming entertainment trend is pegged for further growth in 2022. And while we reckon more podcasts are a good thing, with such a phenomenal breadth of content at our fingertips (or earbuds), it makes it tricky to mine for podcast gold. Have no fear; we’ve compiled the hottest home styling podcasts – so you can stay abreast of the hottest interior trends for 2022. But first, let’s briefly delve into the world of podcasts.


Why do we love them so much?

While relatively new to the entertainment scene (formerly known as the less sexy ‘audio blogs’ of the 1980s), the proliferation of smartphones and our seemingly endless access to data has driven podcast consumption to insane levels. With over 2 million podcasts available (equating to over 48 million individual episodes), our appetite for these aural companions is enormous. In 2020 alone, an estimated 100 million people listened to a podcast each month, and this number is expected to reach 125 million in 2022. So, what is it that we love so much?


  • They’re a multi-taskers dream – As we slide back into our busy routines, the podcast format integrates seamlessly into our lives. Whether it’s during your morning dog walk, while you’re stuck commuting or whipping up dinner, podcasts provide bite-sized chunks of audio content that are easy to consume and easy to control. According to a recent study, 49% of podcast listening happens at home, 22% while driving, 11% at work and 8% while exercising.


  • There truly is something for everyone – From true crime to comedy, news, opinion, and pop culture, pretty much everything can be found in podcast format. And with content regularly updated (typically weekly, sometimes daily), you’ll never be caught without something to keep you informed or entertained.


  • Simply swipe and listen – Podcasts are so simple to consume. If you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer, it takes next to no effort to get listening. And best of all, most podcasts are free through your browser or an app (unless using a premium listening app like Spotify).


Home Styling Podcasts - Our Top 8 Listens for 2022 podcast host


What are we listening to in ’22?

According to Statista, comedy takes out the top spot for the most listened to genre (and The Podcast Charts by Spotify tell a similar story). Hardly surprising while the world shoulders a global pandemic! And while there’s plenty to make you giggle, we’re here to talk home styling. So, let’s zero in on our top 8 podcasts that will help you transform your home into a much-needed haven in 2022:


1. Home Style with Shaynna Blaze – Award-winning interior designer Shaynna Blaze is well known for her TV roles on Selling Houses Australia and The Block (amongst others), meaning she has plenty of real-world tips, behind the scenes anecdotes and interesting insights to share.


2. The Daily Home Edit – Helmed by the Home Beautiful team, The Daily Home Edit podcast delivers a daily dose of big and small topics, tips and tricks, styling hacks alongside renovation and design advice, all designed to help you live beautifully.


3. Style Rules – Another Home Beautiful (HB) creation, Style Rules, involves HB editor Sarah Burman and style editor Fiona Michelon sitting down to debrief our favourite reno show, Home Rules. They also discuss style in general and what’s trending in the interior design world as it happens.


4. House of Style – Previous rivals in the magazine styling world, interior designer Jono Fleming and interior stylist Kerri-Ann Jones, eventually struck up a friendship that led to them producing this fantastic podcast. They chat to some of Australia’s leading designers, makers, and industry personalities to discover what made them so iconic.


5. Reno Radio – With 117 renovations under her belt, Naomi Findlay has plenty to share across renovating, design and styling. Whether you are in it to make money, have fun or create your dream home, she reveals valuable tips and insider secrets to help you nail it.


6. Decorate Like a Design Boss – In this podcast, professional Interior Designer Kimberly Grigg shares weekly secrets for creating beautiful and functional spaces within your home. She covers everything from helping listeners identify their unique style, sharing design crimes through to bringing life back into dated spaces.


7. Building with BuildHer – Not strictly interior styling, but we think this one deserves a mention for its incredible depth of content. The BuildHer Collective was created to help women with building and renovating, and this podcast shares the gems they’ve learnt along the way.


8. Decorating Tips and Tricks – As the name suggests, this one is full of bite-sized advice, acting as your own personal decorator. With a back catalogue of over 500 episodes, it’s easy to get consumed by this one!


Home Styling Podcasts - Our Top 8 Listens for 2022 living room


What is the 2022 home styling outlook?

During the pandemic, we all learnt a little about the uplifting effects of nature. This is having a significant impact on interior trends for 2022, as natural light, an emphasis on glass, nature-inspired colour palettes such as tones of green, ochre and clay browns come to the fore. Natural surfaces like stoneware, timber, terracotta, and marble feature heavily in everything from backsplashes to bathtubs – bringing the calming effects of the outdoors in.


To find out how to bring these key trends to life in your home, all you need to do is embrace your inner multi-tasker and get listening!



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