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How to find a pet friendly holiday rental


If you have pets, you know one of the trickiest things about taking holidays is finding someone to take care of the animals while you’re away. There is an easier solution of course and that is to book a road trip holiday and take your pets with you! They are part of the family after all, so just like you need to find a holiday rental that accommodates the kids, you can now also look for one that accepts pets too!  

Looking for a pet friendly holiday rental is much the same as looking for any holiday rental – you find the location you’d like to holiday in, set your budget and basic requirements - like number of beds - and then either tick the box for pet friendly options, or add it into the ‘other features’ section. Many holiday rentals now recognise that more than half of the Australian population have pets, so have become much more flexible about allowing pets to stay, and in some cases even recognising it offers a point of difference for them against other holiday rentals in the area.

There are often conditions to your pets staying in the accommodation, so when searching for pet friendly, tips such as “BYO cat or dog basket” or “pets are welcome but must remain outside”, are useful so you can be sure you are not only getting pet friendly accommodation, but also options that suit your pet specifically. If your pet spends all of its time curled up on the sofa at home, it will suffer terribly being tied up under a strange house for example. Similarly, if the rule is that no pets can be on the furniture, excess dog and cat hair can be very hard to disguise if you do let them lounge, and some properties may charge an additional cleaning fee for the trouble.     

If you’re unsure of where to start looking for a pet friendly holiday rental, ask some friends who also have pets first. Recommendations are great when it’s for something so important. If you have a general location in mind, you could also search for whether that area also has dog parks, and whether pets are welcome on the beach, or if there are pet friendly cafes in the local town. This will give you a good indication of whether it is a holiday town that is used to having animals around, which by default should also mean the local accommodation providers have supported this ethos too. A local vet, animal rescue or pet shop might also be able to give you some advice. Whatever you find, it’s important to do your research well and then essential to call the accommodation before booking, to discuss exactly how pet friendly they really are. Having a conversation with them also gives them a sense of your dedication to respecting their business, so might earn you some extra freedoms where you pet is concerned.


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