Are you trying to live closer to the city, but can’t envision how you’ll be able to afford to on your current income? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, you can achieve your goals over the course of a few years without breaking the bank.

Many young couples dream of living close to the city because it’s a fun place to be, and it’s right in the heart of the business district. Young professionals often work in the city, and any chance to cut down a commute is something you can’t pass up!


With median house values in Sydney and Auckland sitting at $1,066,060 and $1,047,699 respectively, according to CoreLogic RP Data and QV, buying in the city seems like an impossible task. If you use the right strategy, though, it might be more achievable than you ever thought possible.

Want to live close to the city but don’t know how? We can help.

The first step

Buying a home close to the city that you can grow into with a family means apartments are likely out of the question. Apartments are a major part of the strategy you can use to buy a house in the inner-ring of your preferred city, however.

Pool your savings with your partner and put down a deposit on a unit in a desirable location (i.e. close to the city and public transport). Make sure wherever you buy this investment home is in a great place and will attract tenants so you can boost your passive income, and pay off some of the mortgage over a few years.

Building equity – your second step

Buying a home close to the city as a young couple seems impossible because of the state of the current property market.

As the property market increases in value, your new unit’s equity will grow too. When it’s worth more, you can use it to access a larger home loan for your dream family property close to the city! You won’t need as large a deposit to access more money, and your monthly repayments might be more affordable because the lenders will be able to see that you can reliably pay off a loan (based on your mortgage repayments from the investment unit).

Buying a home close to the city as a young couple seems impossible because of the state of the current property market. To take control of your financial future and give your family the life you’ve always dreamed of, you need to think about the best ways to build wealth over time that will allow you to move up the property ladder.

Buying somewhere affordable and on the rise is a great first step, and the team at First National can help you to plan your journey. Get in touch today.

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