Celebrating Mother’s Day is an annual ritual for many of us. Marking this occasion in the year 2020 however will be challenging to say the least. It’s going to be a new way to celebrate for us all, but necessary – particularly when you consider that many Mums over 60 are most at risk, so the best way to show our love is to keep Mum and Grandma safe. With the traditional Mother’s Day lunch or ‘drop over for a cuppa’ not on the cards this year, what other thoughtful ways are there to celebrate Mother’s Day? To help, we’ve put a few suggestions together.


Write a letter

For many of us, we probably can’t recall the last time we put pen to paper, which is what makes letter writing one of the most unique and special things you can do in this fast-moving modern age. That’s because letters take time and thought to compose. Many of us will still have nice writing paper or pens lying around the house, and good stationery is still readily available – so this is an inexpensive, yet special and highly memorable gift idea that she’ll treasure.


Send flowers

What’s better than a splash of colour? At this time, we’re so preoccupied with the essentials that things like flowers become a real luxury. Seeing these around the home will put a smile on Mum’s face every time she sees them, and what can be better than that? Consider expanding from typical bouquets – by utilising baskets, chocolates or even champagne. Don’t forget, if she shares a home with a cat, don’t choose lilies. The residue and pollen from these flowers can be harmful to them – safety first!



Book crates, boxes & subscriptions

Highly popular overseas, many Australians are only just cottoning on to book subscriptions. For a monthly fee, your Mum can receive a number of titles delivered to her door. Prices are remarkably low and start from just $12.95 p/mth from what we’ve found. Many of the services available will allow you to choose books in the kinds of categories you know she’ll enjoy. So, whether she’s into true crime or exotic romance, you’ll be able to send her something perfect. Ideas on what’s available for despatch to Australia can be found here. Don’t like their selections? Create your own one-off reading list to send out via a reputable Australian online Bookseller like Dymocks, or these global goliaths here and here.


Send memories

In terms of how you feel, a picture often tells it better. Even if you can’t be there with Mum, have a look through the albums and photo archives for a picture of a memory she’ll cherish and want to display around her home. For printing, there’s many options out there, including sites like Snapfish that ship to Australia. Not wanting to clutter up her walls with more images? There are many websites that will let you compile multiple images into books too. Snapfish offer that service, while locally Ted’s Camera Stores have an online store that allow you to do exactly that.



Food glorious food

Nothing warms the heart and spirit like a hamper filled with favourites. So why not send Mum the ultimate care package? From fruit baskets to sweet treat goodie boxes, you’ll be surprised at how many options there are when you search online. Some of the more creative options we’ve seen are this hand sanitiser, loo roll and fruit box from iGift, as well as this delicious looking selection from Snowgoose, Not to mention this one featuring Australia’s finest from Gourmet Basket.


Simply call or video chat

Above all else and gifts aside, don’t forget your Mum or Grandma would simply be thrilled with a FaceTime, Zoom meeting, Skype chat or even a simple telephone call from you and your family members, sending her all your love and best wishes for a happy and safe Mother’s Day.



It might be a slightly different occasion this year, but Mother’s Day can still be super-special. Good luck with your ideas, have a Happy Mother’s Day this May and all the best to your Mum from us!