There are many reasons you might need to sell a property that’s not near where you reside – maybe it’s a loved one’s estate or you need to move for an immediate work transfer overseas. Perhaps you’re losing money renting an investment property in another state and just want it off your hands.

There are distinct challenges of selling a property remotely, but there are also things sellers can do to minimise the hassle. Selling a home remotely is no small feat, but at First National, our experienced agents can help make the process easier.


First of all, does it make sense to sell?

Unless you’ve already written off renting out the property, consider holding onto it as an investment. Not every area is conducive to renting, but you might find that you can actually make money (and avoid the sales process) by keeping the property as a rental. This is also a great option if you’re moving quickly (hence the remote sale), but may come back at some point. Going overseas for a few years? Renting the property while you’re away can earn you money and ensure you’ve got somewhere to come home to.

Being a landlord is no small job, so you’ll need to hire a property manager who can look after the investment in your absence. 

Of course, being a landlord is no small job, so you’ll need to hire a property manager who can look after the investment in your absence. Not all property mangers are created equal, however, so make sure you hire an experienced and involved property management company who will run your home like a successful business.


selling your home remotely


Get your head around the local market

You most likely won’t know much about the real estate in another state, city or country. You can research the market extensively before determining your sale price, but no matter how much information you find, it will be difficult to truly gauge where a particular market is going without local knowledge. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to get in touch with the right agent straight away.


selling your home from overseas


What can the right agent do?

The right agent will facilitate the selling process from start to finish. Any real estate agent can go through the general motions of selling a property, but when you’re not on the ground, you need an agent who can proficiently:

  • Conduct a property appraisal and set a reasonable price you’ll be happy with
  • Advertise the property, prepare the home (including cleaning and necessary repairs), and conduct inspections for you
  • Keep you in the loop about all progress through regular check ins
  • Negotiate fairly and openly on your behalf

Working with the right agent when you sell your home remotely will give you much needed piece of mind. To work with experts who are driven to sell your property, reach out to the team at First National Real Estate. We’re glad to help you every step of the way, no matter your unique circumstances.


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