Renovation Ideas to Increase Your Property Value

When the time comes to sell your home, it’s a good idea to freshen up the place a little. Some simple home renovations can improve the overall property value and ensure you get the best price when you sell.


Curbside Appeal Improves First Impressions

The first thing to consider with any property is what kind of first impression it gives. Think about what improvements can be made at the front of the house to start with – the fencing, the garden, the entry – then move inside and make a list of what could be updated from room to room. Base your decisions on what you think will improve the emotional appeal of the property; this will become someone’s home after all, so the overall impact should be one of inspiration, that creates a desire to live there.


Simplify Colour Schema to Increase your Home Value

Changing the colour scheme of your home from dark colours to light colours, or even simply making everything one matching shade can make a huge difference There are plenty of small things you can do that will transform a space for very little cost. Add some contrast by repainting skirting boards, window frames and door frames. Go on, you can even paint the fence over a weekend as well.

Bathrooms often need attention, but a full-scale renovation is not always necessary. Replace small dark tiles with larger light coloured ones to open up the space and then change the shower heads and tap fittings to a more modern style.


Home Climate Comforts

The non-essential luxuries that improve our lifestyle have become a key factor in increasing selling prices for many inner city homes. A split heating/air conditioning system (which for many IS an essential) is a great addition to one or two rooms in the house, as are simple things like ceiling fans or even heated towel rails.


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Smart Home Devices can Modernise your Home

Investing in new appliances and smart technology like a Google Home, doorbell security system or smart LED lights controlled by your phone will appeal to technology lovers looking to buy your home.




Outdoor Living Areas Increase Property Values

Creating an extra living area by renovating an outdoor space is a great way of increasing your property value, as well as improving its emotional appeal. Adding a timber deck off the back door, or even knocking out the kitchen wall and replacing it with French or bi-fold doors to the garden could be the first step.




Open Up

Lifestyles have changed and the open plan home has become a staple on the housing market in recent decades. Taking out a wall between a kitchen and a dining room to create an open plan family space will almost always improve the value or the house. It will also improve the spatial dynamics of the property as well as bring in more light and air. Consider knocking down walls between two small bedrooms and adding a second bathroom, or a walk in closet or dressing room, to create a master suite or a parents’ retreat.


Renovations Improve Perceived Value of Property

Remember, any changes you make should contribute to making a great impression and improving the emotional appeal of the property. The key thing to keep in mind is that the actual cost of the renovations creates a much higher perceived value than the budget you allocated. Make sure the choices you make regarding renovations will have a positive impact on your investment – you want bang for your buck so that you can get the best price for your property.

Home renovations are not just about building new rooms, but also about making general improvements. Even small, inexpensive changes can add value to your property and make sure that first impression counts.



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