As Australians, we love our pets! However, when it comes to buying one, too many of us have never considered going to the local pound, animal hospital or shelter to buy one. With many of us working from home, they can be a great distraction. Kids love them and, particularly when it comes to dogs, they’re a ready source of exercise and fitness. Having an animal around the house can also teach kids (and grownups too) valuable skills about caring for someone else and responsibility – some might call it ‘parenting skills when you don’t have kids’! They’re also great companions, and can really add to your own health and happiness.


According to health sources, having an animal around the house can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and make you more secure at home – or feel that way. Studies have actually shown that people who have suffered a heart attack tend to live much longer when they get a pet. Australian and German studies have discovered that pet owners take less trips to the doctor too, so having one can mean you become not only healthy, but happier too!


So, what kind of pet is right for you? Let’s take a look at all the options – from fur babies right through to fish!


Golden Retrievers

What’s not to love about a ‘Goldie’? Often voted the most popular dog breed in the world, Golden Retrievers are renowned as being a do-everything breed that is active, intelligent, easy to train and has a good temperament.

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Arguably the most beautiful cats in appearance, with a large round face and soft long hair, Persians are one of the most ancient breeds. Records show they were first imported into Italy from Iran in 1620 and have been adored ever since. These cats are favoured for their quiet, relaxed sweetness which gives them an air of royalty.

Persian cat



Having a Goldfish won’t get your cardio pumping but that’s not the point. Having a home aquarium, tank or bowl with one or more adds a beautiful aesthetic to a home, and they are easy to maintain. Many experts claim watching them swim can reduce anxiety, improve your appetite and boost creativity.



This type of dog, famous for its appearance in movies such as ‘Men in Black’ has a distinctive rolled face that stands out from the pack. As a breed they’re known to be playful and mischievous but can also be extremely loyal and charming. As a highly intelligent breed they are known to have a ‘mind of their own’, but that’s why their owners love them.




Burmese cats are one of the most popular feline breeds in Australia. Many find that once they’ve had one they never have another type of cat ever again (although we don’t want to start a breeder’s debate here!). Burmese are extremely affectionate and love positive attention and love following owners and lap-naps.

Burmese cat



Cute, curious and friendly, Beagles are avid hunter hounds that love long walks and following the scent of whatever has walked before it. Take a Beagle for a walk and you’ll see its head dip and it follow its nose, often almost immediately making for some fascinating explorations round the block.

Beagle puppy



The chirpy note of a budgie is a sound that can’t help but make people smile. A long tailed, seed eating parrot, sometimes known as a parakeet overseas, can be one of the easier birds to train. Being a very social creature, the Budgerigar is best kept in pairs with a ‘buddy budgie’.



Pet rabbits are adored by children and the young at heart due to their docile and quiet nature. There are a surprising number of rabbits you can choose from as a pet and you can even consider miniature breeds for small properties. They’re clean, fun to watch, don’t require walking and can actually be toilet trained.


Hermit Crabs

For those that dare to be different, and really want a pet that makes a statement, the humble Hermit Crab is where it’s at. Hermits live up to 15 years and despite their name actually like living alongside other hermits, so you can start a collection! They’re easy to look after and use empty shells for protection. You will need an aquarium tank (not filled with water, they like dry land) with a 30°C heater to keep your hermit happy.


We could easily write a 3-part series on the range of pets out there, as the options are endless! We do apologise in advance if we’ve left out your favourite! Considering a property to buy or rent that would be perfect for your favourite pet or future purchase? Then have a chat to your closest First National Real Estate Agent today – they well could be a proud pet owner themselves!




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