There is a time in the lives of young professionals where career opportunities and lifestyle needs hold equal weight. Once you’re somewhat established and your income has stabilised, you’ll start to have a few more options. Being able to choose where to live is usually one of those options and this can be a challenging choice for many.

If you’re sure that city life is for you, then Melbourne is a great choice for the career professional who also wants to embrace the European approach to life. Its weather may be a little temperamental but Melbourne certainly makes up for that with great food, interesting bars and nightlife, and a world-class arts, cultural and business scene, making it a key player on the international radar.

Here’s a few key selling points on why Melbourne is the city for you.


  1. Cultural Aesthetic

Melbourne is arguably Australia’s most creative city. Bursting with designers and artists, entrepreneurs and craftspeople, Melbourne’s default setting is an openness to new ideas and an aspiration to be greater in a much more dynamic and sustainable way. Innovation is key and experimentation is embraced. Just take a stroll through the CBD and take in the stunning architecture as proof. The city’s geometric facades and quirky new developments are leading the way in out-of-the-box urban design.

  1. European ideals

Melbourne takes much more from European culture than incredible coffee and leafy boulevards. Its urban villages and extensive tram network give the city a continental feel and much of the city’s culture comes from its early European migrant population. The post war boom brought an influx of hard working, passionate Europeans and today their values are evident in many of the city’s business and enterprises. The city also has a chic appeal that is aspirational yet accessible, much like Paris. Plus, being stylish in Melbourne is more achievable than other cities because black is the uniform of choice.

  1. Globally Engaged

Melbourne has developed an international reputation for excellence – from food to sport, arts to business, education, health, industry and more. The city is well resourced and has seen significant growth and prosperity in recent years that has attracted international attention. Foreign investments have increased, as have foreign partnerships and co-productions between Australian as well as foreign companies and organisations. Career opportunities in this environment can offer more dynamic and unique appeal to the young professional looking for a less than conventional path.

  1. The Food!

There is lifestyle and then there is Melbourne life. It may be strange to say food is a key reason to move to a city but considering we eat multiple times a day, it’s actually an important factor. Especially in a city where eating out is one of the favourite pastimes. Melbourne offers the world on your plate with its own special twist. You can enjoy some of the greatest tasting dumplings at student prices on one day, then sit puzzling over an elaborate deconstructed coffee platter then next. Or enjoy a degustation menu at the hands of some of the world’s best chefs, then find yourself gazing in awe at street art before stumbling across a pop up craft beer stand. Sport is considered to be the main religion in Melbourne but that’s just a myth the locals perpetuate. The true religion is food and if you live there you can worship anytime you like.

Melbourne is not for everyone and the weather can drive even the bravest soul to distraction, but its fantastic cultural experiences, wonderful diversity of food and easily reached natural attractions make it one of Australia’s truly great cities to live in.

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