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5 outdoor styling ideas to help you sell your property this winter
Though the expectation might be that winter is a bad time to sell, it’s actually not the case. The weather can work against you though, so before you list your property, be sure to pay some attention to your outdoor areas. These... more

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Choosing to renovate instead of moving Speak to an agent first


Choosing to renovate instead of moving? Speak to an agent first!

As the lower number of homes for sale continues to present challenges for buyers, the inclination to sell and then buy a new home has become a somewhat less attractive proposition for some Australians. When deciding whether to... more
Property Investment in Regional Victoria


Regional Victoria: the affordable investment outside of Australia’s capital cities

As most buyers give up on the possibility of an affordable property investment in Australia’s major cities, the prospect of taking their money out of town starts to look more appealing. With many inner city areas in Sydney and... more
5 things you need to know about buying a house in Australia 002


5 things you need to know about buying a house in Australia

Australia has become extremely attractive to foreign investors over the last decade or so and the ever-changing skylines of our major cities are direct evidence of this. Previously, there have been benefits and incentives for... more


What are the costs involved in selling a house?

There are various reasons why we choose to sell a house but often the realities of logistics and costs can get lost in the planning. There are certain costs involved in selling a house – some obvious, some not so much. Knowing... more


How to renovate your home for less than $10,000

Large scale renovation has become a way of life for many property investors, however this should not deter first home buyers and people on a tight budget who also want to improve on their investment. As well as keeping on top of... more


How to sail through your next routine rental inspection

One of the main things required of you as a tenant is to pay your rent in full and on time every month, but the other important responsibility you have is to keep the property in good, clean working order throughout the duration... more


How to choose the right home for retirement

The final third of our lives is more complex than most of us realise, until we get there. In the earlier decades of our lives we have energy, health and enthusiasm to face any challenge. However, as we age a range of things... more