Capture that holiday feeling all year round with a backyard pool to suit your lifestyle, budget, and space. With Australia boasting more backyard swimming pools per capita than anywhere else in the world, we’re certainly blessed with plenty of innovation and choice when it comes to the humble pool. Installing a swimming pool is so much more than the perfect spot for lounging with cocktails. Pools are great for exercise, relaxation, entertainment, as a social hub for kids and can even add value to your home. We’ve rounded up seven of our most inspirational backyard pools – big, small, and in-between.


  1. The ‘we don’t have enough space’ pool

A plunge pool is the ultimate solution when space is tight and all you need is a spot for a refreshing dip. Better suited to adult only households (or those with older children), these create an amazing focal feature and can also double as a spa pool for year-round usage. Plunge pools often come prefabricated, meaning they are simply craned into place with little on-site building work needed. This can also mean cost savings on installation (when compared to your traditional pool).

Pool ideas plunge pool

Image source: Australian Plunge Pools


  1. The multifunctional ‘pool’

Just like the name suggests, this hybrid offers the benefits of a spa and a pool combined into one space-saving spool! This is a great option when you don’t want a separate pool and spa combo to dominate your outdoor living zone or want the exercise benefits without committing to an Olympic sized lap pool. With a spool, you can install jets that effectively allow you to swim continuously on the spot (much like running on a treadmill) and double as hours of bubbly fun for the kids!

Pool ideas spool

Image source: Albatross Pools


  1. The custom swimming hole

Creating a custom feature that blends in with the environment provides much more than just a spot to cool off. Bespoke builds generally require a bigger budget, but the outcome can be simply stunning as with this centrepiece swimming hole designed by Lynnsay Prunotto of Lume Architecture for their home and office space.

Pool ideas swimming hole

Image source: Lume Architecture


  1. The resort-style infinity pool

Channel the luxe vibe and bring a piece of coastal resort-style living to your backyard. Best suited to homes with feature landscapes like sea, nature or elevated cityscapes, the pool edge appears to fall off into the scenery, creating an opulent appearance. As the water cascades over the disappearing edge, you’ll be treated with the soothing sounds of running water for added relaxation. Just add cocktails and you’ll be immediately transported to your favourite resort.

Pool ideas infinity pool

Image soure: Compass Pools


  1. The family favourite

With twenty per cent of Queenslanders now owning a pool and Perth, Brisbane and Sydney dwellers not far behind, according to this study, it’s likely that you, or someone you knew had a backyard pool growing up. Providing hours of entertainment and fun in the sun, a bambino-friendly pool is the perfect addition to your family home. Family pools typically feature shallow steps or wading areas and variable depths, making them a safer choice for littles and grown-ups alike.

Pool ideas family pool

Image source: Composite Pool Solutions


  1. The architecturally designed pool

Wraparound pools like this one designed by Melbourne-based Martin Friedrich Architects maximise the outdoor space and become an important part of the home’s overall aesthetics. Logistically these can be best suited to new builds, but where budget allows, installing a custom pool to wrap around your existing home’s exterior is a clever and striking use of space.

Pool ideas wrap around pool

Image soure: Arch Daily


  1. The instant pool

Swim right up! Designing and installing a pool can be a headache, so purchasing a home complete with a picture-perfect pool is worth considering. This Bendigo beauty currently under contract features a sparkling saltwater pool framed with a dreamy al fresco entertaining area. Simply contact the agent here and dive right in!

Pool ideas saltwater pool

Image source: First National Real Estate


Choosing the right fifty shades of blue for your home

Swimming pools are an Aussie backyard favourite and represent a lavish lifestyle most of us aspire to. Who doesn’t dream of lounging poolside with a cocktail in hand? If you’re seriously considering installing one, it’s a good idea to figure out if it makes financial sense. There’s a lot to consider – from landscaping, through to council costs and construction.  To help weigh up the potential financial benefits, contact First National Real Estate for a property appraisal and to discuss how a pool could add value to your home in your area.


All information is general in nature and should not be considered professional advice to suit your individual circumstances. For professional advice contact your local real estate agent or pool professional.