Tip #1: A Property Valuation Assists in Deciding to Sell or Renovate

If you have owned your home for a while, you’ve probably wondered more than once ‘what is the value of my property now?’ It’s always a good idea to get an up-to-date idea of what your property is worth as various factors influence the value of it over time. Knowing what these are and how they affect your investment will help you make good decisions about when or if you should renovate or sell your home. It can also help you make decisions around how much to spend on renovations and to evaluate the risk of over spending on any remodelling or home extensions. These are just some of the numerous advantages of having a licensed real estate agent from First National Real Estate undertake a property appraisal.


Tip #2: Property Values Vary Regardless of Location

Reading the property sections of the weekend newspapers is one way to stay estimate property prices in your suburb, but this won’t give you an accurate picture specific to your property valuation. Understanding what a property appraisal consists of will help you to see the importance of a professional approach and provide insights into other factors beyond your home’s location that determines the market value of your home.


Property Valuation Tips


Tip #3: Ask a Local Agents To Value Your Home

Property appraisals undertaken by our qualified real estate professionals ensure your have someone very familiar with your local area and surrounding suburbs. Our agents have comprehensive quantitative data of recent nearby sales and are able to factor those sales results into their estimated market value of your property. The agent will find out what improvements you have made to the property and compare its condition to other properties currently on the market. Points of difference or additional features that might currently be in demand will also be considered in your appraisal.


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Tip #4: Property Inspections Are Obligation Free

First National real estate agents are happy to visit your home and provide an estimate of your property value. We follow industry quality assurance guidelines and provide obligation free inspections. Many property owners, when considering selling, will interview several real estate agents who will provide value guidelines. If you feel unhappy or unsure about the appraisal you received, it might be useful to get a 2nd opinion from another agent, just to be sure.


Property Valuation Tips


Tip #5:  Property Valuations Vs Appraisal

Unlike a valuation, an appraisal is not a formally recognised assessment. It is intended only as a guide, but it can still be an important tool in deciding when to make your next move in the property market. It may be that you are thinking about selling and want to be sure you get the timing right. Or maybe your neighbours sold their home at an attractive price and you’d like to capitalise on the good result – strike while the iron’s hot, as they say.


Whatever the reason, a property appraisal should be free of charge and obligation free, providing you with a solid estimate of what your home is worth. Your friendly local First National Real Estate agent would be more than happy to come and chat with you about your property and, using the information you are provided along with their expert market knowledge, create your personalised property appraisal.


First National’s Real Estate Agents offer free market appraisals and you can request one right now by contacting them through the website.


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