Perth is Australia’s most elusive city. Capital of our largest state, it is a far-flung enclave with a wonderful Mediterranean climate, great beaches and a thriving economy. Built on the Swan River and with most parts of the city just a short trip away from the nearest beach, Perth’s lifestyle is the key attraction with locals spending as much of their time as possible out in the great outdoors. If you’re thinking about relocating to Perth, here are 5 cool things you’ll to get to visit whenever you want as a local!


  1. Swan Bell

The striking Swan Bell tower in the city at Elizabeth Quay is an intriguing structure on its own, but every day at noon it becomes more than just impressive architecture as the bells inside ring out across the city. The tower is home to the historic 14th century bells of St Martin-in-the-Fields, gifted to the city by the UK. Interestingly, some of those bells are the original bells that were rung as James Cook departed on his long voyage that would result in the discovery of Australia.

  1. Kings Park

Many are surprised to learn that Kings Park is the largest inner city park in the world – yes it’s even bigger than New York’s Central Park. It is a stunning piece of land high above Perth that features more than 400 acres of Indigenous trees, the glorious sound of birdsong and fabulous views of the city. It is also a must see in September as the park is filled with stunning displays of seasonal native Australian wildflowers.

  1. Fremantle

Australia is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites and the Fremantle Prison is one of them as part of the listing of the 11 Australian Convict Sites. The prison is the only World Heritage listed building in Western Australia and the largest convict built structure in the state. It was built in the 1850s by convicts and operational right up until 1991.



  1. Elizabeth Quay

The recently developed Elizabeth Quay precinct along the esplanade in Perth’s CBD is home to the Swan Bells, cruise departures along the Swan River and over to Rottnest Island and numerous places to eat and unwind, with great views.



  1. Perth Mint

One of the many waves of Perth’s wealth came from the discovery of gold and the Perth Mint’s museum provides a great insight into this time. It’s Australia’s oldest Mint and still operational, producing gold, silver and platinum legal tender coins.

Our comprehensive Perth city guide contains everything you need to know about Perth and more. From its sights and attractions, to how to get around, we also give you an overview of the suburbs to help you decide where to live, for whatever stage of life you’re in.