After spending hours of pandemic-induced time in our homes followed by a refreshing year free from lockdowns, home styling trends are seeing a shake-up! We’ve shed our trackies, shaken off our homebody tendencies, and, as a result, are poised to move on from our soothing colour palettes and cocooning furniture. In 2023, we’re injecting zest, personality, and fun into our homes. And from Tik Tok to Instagram, Pinterest and design blogs, the internet is awash with inspiration – so we’ve distilled it down to seven key home styling trends to bring into your home this year.


1. Colour meets calm

What could be more representative of a refreshed passion for life than some vibrant colours within the home? In 2023, we’re falling out of love with all-white everything in favour of combining last year’s neutral and natural hues with more vivid and optimistic tones. Dulux has distilled this down to three distinctive palettes – Balance, Connect and Revive – reflecting a desire for balance and calm, our need to reconnect with nature, and reviving our spirits with joy and play.


2. Craftsmanship over cookie-cutter

After becoming intimately familiar with our furnishings over the last few years, we’ve realised that perhaps our Scandi-inspired mass-produced dining table isn’t the sturdiest, and its flat-pack roots have become glaringly obvious. In 2023, we’re seeing a shift towards personalisation over mass production and more sustainable options becoming the preference over throwaway. Handcrafted furniture and décor items allow self-expression and add warmth and individuality to the home.


3. Be more biophilic

Biophilic Interior Design means incorporating nature into your indoor environment, and while you’ve probably already got the houseplants covered, this year, we’re taking it further. Water features like aquariums or tabletop fountains don’t have to take up lots of space and inject calming Zen into your home; lighting is also a big focus. Maximise natural light by replacing curtains with blinds, declutter windowsills and if you’re struggling for natural light, layer floor lamps, candles, and wall lights to mimic nature.


4. TikTok textures

Textural elements in the home were a big TikTok interior trend throughout 2022, which is set to continue this year. Whether through curtains, pillows, throws, furniture or wall finishes, the texture is a standout for adding luxury, warmth, and interest. We’re looking at limewash walls for subtle texture, statement stones like marble and coloured concrete, and layers of 2022’s hero textures like boucle and wood.


5. Thrifted finds

In the same vein as our move away from cookie-cutter furnishings, thrift finds, heirlooms, vintage décor, and furniture are being welcomed into our homes in 2023. Most of us live in homes no more than 20-40 years old, so incorporating unique pieces amongst the new fulfils our desire for personal expression and adds contrast to our spaces. Upcycling and thrifting are another big TikTok and Gen Z trend – ticking both the eco-friendly and empowerment boxes.


6. Euro elegance

The Romans and Greeks influenced classic European décor, and today, we’re seeing these influence our interiors through materials used within the home. Euro styling influences include using marble or stone in furniture and finishings, cotton and velvet fabrics and arched and rendered walls.


7. Kitchen aesthetics

A well-organised and aesthetically styled kitchen and pantry is perhaps nothing new, but in 2023, coordinated storage and labelled containers for our decanted dried goods are the next big thing. With stackable and space-saving food containers helping us reduce clutter and avoid expired food hiding out at the back, we’ve taken inspiration from TikTok – where the hashtag #organize has more than 5 billion views. So, clean out your kitchen, get inspired and enjoy your newly organised, sleek space.


Satiated by styling, or need something more?

Home styling trends change quickly – especially with social media apps like TikTok and Pinterest on the scene. And while updating your décor and furnishings can sometimes be the breath of fresh air you need, sometimes you’re craving more. If an entire home change is overdue, talk to your local First National Real Estate office today. We’ll help you find a home that’s ready for you to style your way!


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