Since March 2020, we have seen a giant shift in how we work, commute and live due to stay at home government restrictions. As these restrictions adjust and vary around the country, many of us have found we can still do our jobs well, if not better, from home – and are enjoying the change, as well as the opportunities that have come from working where we live.

This raises the logical question: If you can now work from home, shouldn’t you make your home as liveable as possible? And, if so, why not move to the best place possible to live well?

Australia is indeed the lucky country. We have beautiful, pristine environments. A move to country or coast provides more space than the city to really spread your wings. The options for improving how you live are plentiful. From living on the land, going organic with chooks and vegie patches, through to removing the commute and simply breathing in fresh sea or country air.

Just having more time without the hustle and bustle can have big appeal. Sea Changes and Tree Changes have always been popular, but maybe now the dream can become a reality, and sooner than you once thought. Let’s take a closer look at why…


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Regional areas, are cities of the future

It’s easy to forget that the country area you love can now get fast internet. Even remote areas now offer Satellite and Sky Muster, which can provide excellent speeds and many regional hubs have some of the best NBN in Australia. This means whether you’re on Zoom or Netflix you’ll still be where the action is.


Sea Change


It’s where many families are reconnecting with what matters

Many of those raising children have used their ‘government sanctioned exercise time’ to get a clear head on what matters for their kids. As a result, many couples with children (or one on the way) are looking beyond tight apartments and dense inner city living and starting to explore options with big backyards, open paddocks and coastal towns. With a great sense of community, regional areas allow your entire family to get involved in sport, school, activities, and local occasions where those around you know and support you.


More property buying opportunities that are stunning

It’s certainly true that when it comes to amazing properties on a reduced budget, country areas offer everything from ‘cute-factor’ to ‘wow-factor’. In Bendigo, a pick-up in inquiry from out-of-area families has been noticeable recently for First National Tweed Sutherland’s Darryn O’Keefe. “With COVID, a lot of people are realising that city living is not all that it was once cracked up to be” he said. “You can have that beautiful period home in Bendigo, you can have a lovely lifestyle with your family. For a lot of people, their commute time living in Melbourne takes so much of their day”.


Tree Change


Professionals and tradies are needed in the bush, and by the beach, not just in the city.

It’s always a concern to those moving away from the city that job opportunities can be scarce – however the reality can often be very different. In some states there are incentives available for those that move to regional towns depending on your profession – particularly in the medical sector. Skilled tradespeople are also critical, as are those with qualifications in health and education, and often the highest-rating job vacancies are in the professional sphere.


You can get back to basics, and become more sustainable

The best way to become more environmentally friendly, is to live in a better environment. And country and coastal areas have it in spades. On those unexpected sunny days, you could be using your regional pad to create vegie patches, composting spaces, chicken runs and even fruit or olive groves. Right now, there is a renewed desire for sustainability and space and a move away from the big smoke is a great way to begin a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.


farm living


The prices are better too

Even if you’re a ‘head’ over ‘heart’ kind of person, it’s hard to deny the logic of going regional when you look at the numbers, not just in terms of property prices, but also your other bills such as council rates. You’ll also benefit from being able to source food locally and often at better prices than the small supermarket around the corner in town. In major cities right around Australia, buyers and families are literally being priced out of the market with Sydney and Melbourne rising around 20% and nearly 30% respectively over the past 5 years. When you open up a spreadsheet and do the calculations – you start to realise just how far in front you’ll be.


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