Happiness is defined as a state of being happy, a state of wellbeing and contentment – and it’s something that we all seek to have more of in our lives. While we might not always feel like it, Australians and Kiwis are fortunate to be ranked among the happiest people on the planet. But that shouldn’t stop us from pursuing more of the good stuff! Whether engaging in new practices, adapting existing habits or making environmental and lifestyle changes – from small to bigger – you can do plenty of things to promote happiness in your life. Here are seven easy tips to get you started.


1. Start with mental health

Mental health is integral to our overall health and wellbeing and directly determines our ability to achieve a state of happiness. There are plenty of things that can impact our mental health – which are not always within our control – however, there are some simple habits you can adopt to get yours in shape:

  • Create and stick to a routine – routines provide a sense of comfort and rhythm, enabling you to feel more in control and, happier. This can be as simple as starting your day with a walk or taking a moment to plan the day over coffee.
  • Fuel your mind, mindfully – just like fuelling your body, be more mindful about how you fuel your mind. This means avoiding excessive screen time before bed and social media consumption that can leave you feeling less than happy.
  • Get grounded and grateful – include a mindfulness practice in your life – whether it’s meditation, journalling what you’re grateful for, or simply practising being more present, these are proven to help you build a positive mindset and, you guessed it, fuel happiness.


2. Make self-care a priority

Happy woman doing routine skin care at home with beauty products. Woman sitting on bed at home and applying face cream

Leading on from habits to support our mental health is our ability to manage the stresses that life invariably throws at us. Incorporating self-care practices into your life makes coping with highs and lows easier, ensuring you’ve got a constant source of happiness embedded in your daily life. Often, we feel guilty about indulging in self-care, or push it to the bottom of the priority list, but experts agree it’s deeply important to our overall happiness. The good news is, it’s easy (and enjoyable) to add self-care to your life – it can be a long hot shower to round out the day, sitting down to your favourite TV show, or even just cuddling your pet. There are no rules; it’s just about doing something that makes you feel comfortable and, therefore, happy.


3. Stay curious

From the time we’re born until adulthood, we’re constantly in a state of discovery and curiosity; however, as we age, our curiosity reservoir declines. And it takes a concerted effort to keep this up. Often touted as the key to health and happiness, maintaining curiosity can be as simple as exploring a new interest or hobby or even regularly challenging yourself to try something small you have never done before. This can be minor, like ordering a different type of coffee from your usual, taking a different route to work or striking up a conversation with the attendant at the petrol station. These can open you to new experiences, get you out of your comfort zone, and trigger happiness.


4. Move for your mood

Woman walking in the park with bottle water in summer health care concept.

While we’re all aware of the physical benefits of regular exercise, ticking off the recommended 30 minutes a day is good for your bikini-bod and a proven path to ongoing happiness. Some studies have shown that exercise is more beneficial than medicine for treating major happiness hinderers like depression and anxiety. You don’t need to sign up for a vigorous HIIT or spin class to get the benefits, either. All you need to do is move your body with some moderate exercise, like a walk or yoga session – to trigger the ‘feel good’ chemical changes in your brain.


5. Learn from others

It’s easy to get stuck in our spheres and, often, difficult to ask those around us for advice and guidance on living a happier life. But with the birth of TED talks, podcasts, and an abundance of inspiring books, it’s easier than ever to learn from other people’s experiences and experts in personal development and wellbeing. Not sure where to start? New York Times bestseller The Happiness Project is full of guidance and inspiration, as is this list of motivational podcasts and these must-watch TED Talks.


6. Soak up the simple pleasures

Happy young woman drinking a cup of tea in an autumn morning. Dreaming girl sitting in living room with cup of hot

This may seem pretty obvious, but many of us take the simple things in our lives – that contribute to our overall happiness – for granted. The more you appreciate the little things that already exist in your life, you’ll realise you’re probably a lot further along the path to happiness than you thought. Start your day enjoying the taste and texture of your first coffee in the morning rather than gulping it back; take a second to appreciate the view from your window right now and pause to feel the sunshine warm your body. Happiness is something you can manifest, and a big part of it comes from focussing on the fantastic and letting the negative pass on by.


7. Change your scenery

Happy family with cardboard boxes in new house at moving day.

Environmental factors play a major role in how we value our lives and happiness; a change of scenery can release burdens and be a major mood booster. For some, it’s escaping the concrete jungle and being surrounded by vast, open nature; for others, it’s the complete opposite – freeing yourself from a large piece of land and moving to a low-maintenance lock-up and leave. Changing your environment can be a weight off your shoulders, creating a sense of ease and contentment. While moving can seem daunting, expert local agents like the First National Real Estate team experience genuine joy in guiding you through the entire property process from searching and securing to eventually handing you the keys to your happy place.


Seek, and you shall find happiness

While you may already be practicing some of the above tips, there’s no harm in going back over your habits, refining them, or trying something new. Remember, happiness can be nurtured, but it needs to be maintained, and sometimes, just taking a moment to recognise the good in your life is all it takes. And if you’re convinced a change in scenery is what the doctor ordered, your local First National Real Estate expert is just a phone call or click away. Get in touch today, and let them help you find the key to your happiness.


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