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Property Value


How to increase the rental value of your investment property

Buying a quality property, in a good location, is an important foundation when it comes to owning an investment that will steadily increase in value over the long term. If you choose your investment property well and pay a good... more


Sydneysiders: Stop struggling and start living in the Central Coast!

Searching for an ideal property within your budget in Sydney can be a soul destroying experience. There are only so many budget corners you can cut, and so many times you can reset your search filters, before you realise you’re... more
buyer agent


Is it worth using a buyer’s agent?

We can outsource so many things in our lives these days so why not the buying of property? Buyer’s agents have gained popularity in Australia in recent years as our ever-complicated world demands more of us. Handing over complex... more
Booming of City of Ryde


Is the boom ‘too much, too soon’ for the City of Ryde?

It’s an exciting time in history of western Sydney, as a measured and systematic transformational change takes place. Over two decades, the region will have a new airport, new major public transport hubs and services, countless... more


How emotion can impact on your investment choices in declining market.

Property investment is as emotional as it is strategic. No matter how much rational thought is applied to your choices, there’s still an emotional component that can really derail your long-term plans if you let it. This is the... more
North Wets Sydney for First Home Buyers-1


The transformation of North West Sydney

Sydney property values are some of the highest in the world, and many buyers are willing to pay the premium for the privilege of living in the beautiful harbour city. However, amidst tight competition and as the best of the best... more
Outer West Prices Boom


Outer west prices boom as inner Sydney property market falters

The last few months for inner Sydney property owners have been brutal to say the least. The market has seen its steepest drop in value since the Global Financial Crisis and those who benefited the most from healthy growth over... more