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5 Apps to help navigate life after divorce

Divorce is one of the hardest challenges life can present you with, and nobody anticipates just how ugly things can get – especially when it comes to real estate. Not only do basic things get really difficult for both of you,... more
The Reality of Life After Separation


The Reality of Life After Separation If You Wonder

Nobody plans for his or her marriage to fail, but the upside of splitting up - if there is one - is that you can definitely plan for your separation to succeed. Whether you have taken up arms or just fallen out of love and are... more


You’re breaking up – but who gets the house?

Separation is difficult, no matter how amicable the break up. Add the complications of shared possessions, property ownership and kids, and it can all get very messy very quickly. One of the biggest decisions that will need to be... more


Property Co-Ownership and Divorce

Divorce is never an easy experience for anyone, particularly when unexpected realities come to light. In an ideal world, we would cover all of the basics and make good choices, before we make any big decisions like those with... more


Restoring your Capital and Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

Few of us expect to be living back with our parents in our adult life but it becomes a reality for many in the days after marital separation. Friends’ sofas and spare rooms are also possibilities, as are hotel rooms or serviced... more
What you need to know about property valuation

First National Real Estate

What You Need to Know About Property Valuations before separation

Deciding what to do with the marital home is just one of the many difficult decisions facing divorcing couples.  There are financial and emotional aspects to the decision and, inevitably, each party will have a different opinion... more

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Building a New Life After Divorce

When you marry you never expect that it will end, so the reality of getting a divorce is understandably disappointing and painful. Although the transition will be filled with emotional, financial and logistical challenges, in... more