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Do You Want To Buy the Rental You Live In


Do you want to buy the rental you live in?

Buying the rental property that you currently live in gives new meaning to the saying ‘try before you buy’. In an ever-changing market, the timing may be right for the landlord to get out when a relatively straightforward... more


What is a deposit bond and why would you want one?

Anything that makes the home buying process easier is welcome to first home buyers and a deposit bond can certainly take some of the stress out of the process. But what is a deposit bond and why would you use one? A deposit bond... more


How an early 20s couple saved a $95,000 deposit in three years

Pulling together savings to buy your first home is certainly no easy task but The Queensland Times recently reported how an RAAF couple saved their deposit in three years, then bought their first home in Brassall (Brisbane, QLD).... more


Pre-Approved Loans Explained

Not being prepared financially is one of the most common mistakes a buyer can make when house hunting, and, if competition is fierce, it can really affect the outcome. Ultimately, the market dictates what will happen and if you... more


Early inheritance: your ticket into the property market?

There has been significant generational change in recent years with baby boomers starting to retire, downsize, and spend some of those huge capital gains they’ve made through decades of property ownership. In the meantime, the... more

Market Updates

Researching the Property Market

Buying your first property can be daunting, especially if you have literally no idea what you are doing! However, if you remember that everyone else who bought a property started from the same place, you won’t feel like such a... more


The Ownership Struggles of Buying in a Small Apartment Block

The desire to get into the property market can often distract us from the realities of the kind of property we choose. First home buyers in particular can get caught out, with many thinking that buying a small apartment or buying... more