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Buying Property with best friends


Can you buy a house with your best friend?

Buying a house is a priority for many of us, but our priorities don’t always dictate our future. The traditional approach is to wait until you are in a committed relationship, then buy property together, or if you are a young... more
North Wets Sydney for First Home Buyers


North west Sydney – the new hot spot for first home buyers

It’s hardly new to anyone that the Sydney property market has become like an elite club, open only to a select few. It’s rare that first home buyers can find their way in, and many are seeking alternatives outside of the central... more
North Wets Sydney for First Home Buyers-1


The transformation of North West Sydney

Sydney property values are some of the highest in the world, and many buyers are willing to pay the premium for the privilege of living in the beautiful harbour city. However, amidst tight competition and as the best of the best... more
Renting a house


Tips for finding a family friendly rental property

Finding a rental property can be hard enough, but if you add in extra elements of complication, such as kids and pets, it gets even more challenging. Everyone has specific needs about what to look for in a family home, but the... more
buying a house myths


The myths we’re told about buying a home

When it comes to buying property, the myths and legends about how to score the best deal are plentiful. They are passed on from one homeowner to the next and on and on, because nobody questions the popular consensus. However,... more


New to renting? How not to be blacklisted as a tenant

The great thing about renting, is the flexibility to choose where you want to live and the freedom to change your lifestyle as regularly as you like. This luxury can be severely compromised however if you inadvertently manage to... more
what first home buyers wish to know


What some homeowners wish they knew before they bought

Buying a house is one of the major life decisions most of us come to make at one point or another. It can be a strategic decision, as part of your long-term financial plan, but for most of us let’s face it – it’s emotional. Maybe... more