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Property Investment in Regional Victoria


Regional Victoria: the affordable investment outside of Australia’s capital cities

As most buyers give up on the possibility of an affordable property investment in Australia’s major cities, the prospect of taking their money out of town starts to look more appealing. With many inner city areas in Sydney and... more
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A change in lease accounting could mean tenants will want shorter leases

If you’re in commercial property as a tenant or a landlord (or if you lease equipment), then you should by now have heard of the IFRS16. Stay with me - what was previously your operational lease has now been overridden and... more


Should you invest in a house or an apartment?

Taking your first step into the property market is exciting but it can be difficult to know which decisions are right and what the best choices are for you. One of the main issues facing young first home buyers is whether to buy... more


Avoiding the home styling clichés that make it look like you’re trying too hard

You only need to scroll through a dozen or so properties online to see the diversity of individual tastes and styles on offer. Many buyers choose to tidy and freshen up their property with their existing décor in place, while... more


Tips for Successful Land Flipping

Many prospective buyers today are looking for innovative ways to invest that give them some leverage in the market, whilst keeping the headaches of bricks and mortar investments at arm’s length. A good starting point could be to... more


Could co-working spaces be the biggest shift in commercial property in a generation?

The way we work has been challenged so much in recent years that how, where and even why we work, has become more of a priority than ever before. From sales managers to creative millennials, entrepreneurs to digital nomads, start... more