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Buying Property with best friends


Buying a house with a friend

For many people in today’s world, waiting until you are in a committed relationship before buying property together can be unpredictable. Buying a property alone can also be expensive and overwhelming so as more siblings buy... more
Couple Buying House


Five strategies for buying on a falling market

It’s hard not to believe the hype, but there are situations where you really should not. The Australian property market is one of those situations. It’s true that the market is currently going through one of its worst periods in... more


Are current auction figures a sign of the market tipping point?

Although the current mood around the Australian property market lately is largely one of pessimism, there is more to be discovered if you look a little deeper into the results. Simply breaking down national and regional auction... more
newcastle d


Why Newcastle Should Be In Your Spotlight

The New South Wales coast is one of Australia’s most coveted destinations, offering vast stretches of beach, gorgeous natural surroundings and great weather all year long. Of course, it’s not just holiday makers who flock there... more
Property Value


How to increase the rental value of your investment property

Buying a quality property, in a good location, is an important foundation when it comes to owning an investment that will steadily increase in value over the long term. If you choose your investment property well and pay a good... more
declining market for downsizer


Is a declining market an opportunity for you to downsize?

There may be a degree of panic going on right now where the Australian property market is concerned, but every homeowner’s situation is unique and where some see misfortune, others see opportunity. Although the market is... more
Selling your Home this Now


10 reasons to decide to sell your property now

There comes a time in every property owner’s life when deciding whether or not to sell becomes a priority. Some may get overly eager in a strong market and think their time is now, however that can’t be the only motivation. There... more