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Are current auction figures a sign of the market tipping point?

Although the current mood around the Australian property market lately is largely one of pessimism, there is more to be discovered if you look a little deeper into the results. Simply breaking down national and regional auction... more
newcastle d


Why Newcastle Should Be In Your Spotlight

The New South Wales coast is one of Australia’s most coveted destinations, offering vast stretches of beach, gorgeous natural surroundings and great weather all year long. Of course, it’s not just holiday makers who flock there... more
Property Value


How to increase the rental value of your investment property

Buying a quality property, in a good location, is an important foundation when it comes to owning an investment that will steadily increase in value over the long term. If you choose your investment property well and pay a good... more
when the market peaks when to get out


When the market peaks, how do you know when to sell and get out?

Property investment requires a unique blend of strategic thought, bravery, patience and nerves of steel. Property market cycles can take 10 years to turn back in your favour, sometimes longer and there are so many variables... more
Why western sydney is booming in population


Why is Western Sydney’s population booming?

Despite the current nosedive of the Sydney property market, there has been an increasing positive focus of late on the city’s west – and with good reason. Greater Sydney is undergoing a stunning transformation – one which will... more
Booming of City of Ryde


Is the boom ‘too much, too soon’ for the City of Ryde?

It’s an exciting time in history of western Sydney, as a measured and systematic transformational change takes place. Over two decades, the region will have a new airport, new major public transport hubs and services, countless... more