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NSW REgional town


The large NSW regional towns ideal for first homebuyers and investors

Getting ahead and securing a stable future are priorities for many Australians, but with city lifestyles becoming increasingly costly, the tunnel just seems to get longer, and the light at the end of it further away. Working out... more

Market Updates

The May Federal Budget Killed Your Travel Claims; So Now What?

If you read the May Federal budget, the changes in travel deductions explained how the Treasurer ruined Christmas right? All that time you spent carefully selecting an interstate property, in the right location, so you could... more

Market Updates

Has Your Household’s Disposable Income Just Taken Another Hit?

Ah… Australia the lucky country, right? The enviable lifestyles of beautiful people, knocking back Sauvignon Blanc and prawns in the endless sunshine, like there’s no tomorrow. Stereotypes aside, the reality for the everyday... more

Market Updates

What do proposed changes to tax depreciation mean to you?

It’s been a couple of weeks since the federal budget announcement and, since then, we’ve had some time to review how the proposed changes relating to plant and equipment deductions will affect property investors. more
Strata Management.jpeg

Stewart Bunn

Time Running Out To Switch Strata Managers in New South Wales

If you live in an apartment building, a townhouse, or any property scheme governed by the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act, you probably know that major changes to the law came into force on November 30 2016. In fact, more than... more

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Property in New Zealand: So hot, it's about to become reality television

If you think anything can become a reality television show these days, you're right. Three Now is currently looking for couples, families and individuals who are on the house hunt. more

First National Real Estate

What do the homes of the near future look like?

Think back to your home 10 years ago. Since then, you might have ditched the landline, thrown out the VCR player, and maybe updated the old gas stove, to replace it all with new technology. It's a cycle that happens in most homes... more