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The Best of Regional Living in Western Australia

We all reflect at one point or another on what it might be like to live somewhere else. Where that alternative reality may be differs for everyone, but most will consider regional living at some stage, right? Each Australian... more
acreage lifestyle


Would a lifestyle acreage give you a happier life?

Many of us have developed a love-hate relationship with the inner-city property market in recent years. Whether you have been priced out of it, or watched the value of your current property plummet, it’s a roller coaster that... more

Moving Home

20 Spectacular Facts About Living in Melbourne

Other more photogenic cities may claim more of the attention (we’re looking at you Sydney) but Melbourne is widely considered to be the cultural heart of the country. It’s cosmopolitan elegance, incredible food and of course the... more

Moving Home

Relocate to Tasmania – The Perfect Sea Change

Once the children have left home (and it really looks like they’re not coming back), your life can go in any number of directions. Sometimes the transition is best made by relocating and, for many, living in Tasmania can turn out... more

First National Real Estate

Moving House: A Beginners Guide

Well the house is finally yours and now you get to move in! Moving your life from one location to another is involved, but with the right planning you can get it all done quickly and easily, and maybe even have some fun in the... more

First National Real Estate

5 tips for a stress-free moving day

Let's face it, moving house is a daunting task. If putting the bins out once a week seems arduous, it's nothing compared to packing up all your worldly possessions and moving them into a new house. Even first home buyers will... more

Stewart Bunn

How to Find the Perfect Moving Company

Moving can be quite the ordeal. Whether you’re moving locally, or across the globe, chances are the job of relocating all your treasures is just too big for you and a mate. But, the problem remains—you’ve still got to get your... more