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Hurry, the doors are open to property opportunities!

If you are influenced by popular opinion, then you’ll probably be sitting on the real estate side-lines right now, at least as far as property investment is concerned. General sentiment is that the Australian property market is... more
real estate agent commission


How do real estate agent's commissions work?

Many people look at the costs associated with the sale of a property as expenses, rather than as an investment. This simple shift in perspective not only makes the layout of cash less painful, it also motivates you to take a... more
Selling property in a buyer’s market? There are 5 things you need to know!


5 things you need to know to sell high on your property

The best laid plans can and often do go awry, and when it comes to selling your property sometimes even the most finely tuned strategy can fail in a buyer’s market. If your time to sell is now and you’re struggling to get the... more


Add value and increase deductions with an alfresco area

Claim depreciation on outdoor structures and save. Australia is made for outdoor living, so it is little wonder that alfresco areas have become sought after additions in any property. more


6 Reno Tips from a 'Serial Renovator'

Over almost four decades of marriage, my wife and I have renovated, in whole or in part, five of our own houses.  We have just purchased a home in a golf community so will, again, embark on a renovation project, our sixth. In... more


Why Listing with More Than One Agent Can Become a Horror Story

Choosing an agent to sell your property can be daunting, when there is so much at stake. That’s why some sellers think that listing with more than one agent as a conjunction might spread their risk and increase their chance of a... more