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Melbourne Outer suburbs


The towns outside of Melbourne that are growing in value

If you’re a home owner in 2019, then you will have learnt just how resilient you are. There have been some real nail-biting moments in recent months, but amidst the cloudy days there are - believe it or not - some patches of blue... more


The Best of Regional Living in Western Australia

We all reflect at one point or another on what it might be like to live somewhere else. Where that alternative reality may be differs for everyone, but most will consider regional living at some stage, right? Each Australian... more
acreage lifestyle


Would a lifestyle acreage give you a happier life?

Many of us have developed a love-hate relationship with the inner-city property market in recent years. Whether you have been priced out of it, or watched the value of your current property plummet, it’s a roller coaster that... more

Moving Home

How to Find Out About Crime Rates Before You Buy Real Estate

When shopping for real estate, the most common things we look for are neighbouring property prices, schools, gyms, local supermarkets, decent cafes and the general things we deem necessary for day-to-day living right? But another... more

Moving Home

Could Relocating to SA Be Your Affordable Lifestyle Solution?

In Sydney and Melbourne, the contemporary ideal of an inner-city lifestyle has morphed into a dream that may never be realised by many young Australians. What once could be achieved through perseverance and a committed savings... more

Moving Home

20 Spectacular Facts About Living in Sydney

The visual imprint that foreigners have of Australia often comes from dazzling images of Sydney. The sparkling harbour, the gentle white sails of the Opera House and the ferries gliding beneath the Harbour Bridge in glorious... more

Moving Home

Job Hunting Tips for Relocating to a New City

There are many reasons to move to a new city and lots to do to prepare! Maybe you are looking for a different lifestyle, or possibly a fresh start. It could be that you’re hoping for a new career direction. Whatever the reason,... more