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What sort of real estate co-ownership agreement is suitable for retirees living together?

For a variety of reasons – illness, instability, divorce or death - many retirees find themselves unexpectedly alone in their later years. The prospect of not having anyone to share and enjoy life with can affect health and has... more
Buying House With A Friend


Could buying with a friend be the right retirement financing solution for you?

There is an increasing number of women who find themselves alone and financially unprepared as they approach retirement. Women who may have sacrificed years of earning superannuation, by being at home raising the family, are... more
granny flat


Will building a granny flat to boost my income affect my Age Pension?

The fact that we are living longer is of course a great thing, but it also means some people have found their previous retirement planning has turned out not to suit today’s financial needs. Not only is having enough... more

Moving Home

The benefits of multi-generational living

For many families in the northern hemisphere, multigenerational living is a completely normal way of life. This is cultural in some respects – coming from centuries of instilled family values around taking care of women, children... more


Top 5 activities to take up in retirement

Life after retirement is easily stereotyped, with jokes about slippers and walking frames the norm. However it’s a brave new world and today’s retirees are more often than not living the best version of their lives so far.... more


How to become a property tycoon in your retirement

Many empty nesters are disappointed to discover the financial plan they made in their 20s vastly underfunds the lifestyle they now want in their 60s and beyond.  Settling into a retirement unit and living off a pension loses its... more

First National Real Estate

4 moves that could help make the most of your retirement

Starting to think about retirement? You've been saving your hard-earned money since day one in the office, so now you're thinking about how you want to spend it. That said, you want to make that money last and really make the... more