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when the market peaks when to get out


When the market peaks, how do you know when to sell and get out?

Property investment requires a unique blend of strategic thought, bravery, patience and nerves of steel. Property market cycles can take 10 years to turn back in your favour, sometimes longer and there are so many variables... more
declining market for downsizer


Is a declining market an opportunity for you to downsize?

There may be a degree of panic going on right now where the Australian property market is concerned, but every homeowner’s situation is unique and where some see misfortune, others see opportunity. Although the market is... more
Property Market Less Bloom This Spring


Why there’s a little less bloom expected in property this spring

Although spring is traditionally an exciting time for everyone in the property industry, 2018 may be a little less fruitful than previous years. Falling house prices and low auction clearance rates in capital cities are extending... more