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real estate agent commission


How do real estate agent's commissions work?

Many people look at the costs associated with the sale of a property as expenses, rather than as an investment. This simple shift in perspective not only makes the layout of cash less painful, it also motivates you to take a... more


If you have an interest only loan, you must read this!

For many Australians wanting to get into the investment property market, interest only loans have provided a convenient and affordable way to leverage the equity in their principal place of residence. This type of loan has been... more


5 tips to reduce the cost of home ownership

Getting into the property market is the first great hurdle, but once you are there, staying on top of the expenses and maximising the value of your investment can be just as challenging. Property owners should always try to find... more


How to sell your home fast after the kids move out

Many parents experience a shift when their children are in their late teens, and start to imagine a life without them living at home. When (or if - we’re looking at you millennials) that day eventually comes, it’s normal that you... more


Digital Dating Rules for Successfully Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, there are plenty of tricks to get you across the line, but the best tips for selling your property can come from a surprising resource. Online dating uses many strategies to pair the ideal... more


Resolving neighbourhood disputes

When buying a house, one of the few things that can’t be assessed and inspected before purchasing are the neighbours. It’s a real lottery and the lucky few will hit the jackpot, with friendly supportive neighbours who become... more


What are the real costs of retirement village living

Retirement village living can be a double-edged sword for many – with an often unexpected emotional and financial cost. The choice of retirement home may be freely yours to make, or you may be the one making the difficult... more