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Buying House With A Friend


Could buying with a friend be the right retirement financing solution for you?

There is an increasing number of women who find themselves alone and financially unprepared as they approach retirement. Women who may have sacrificed years of earning superannuation, by being at home raising the family, are... more
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5 Apps to help navigate life after divorce

Divorce is one of the hardest challenges life can present you with, and nobody anticipates just how ugly things can get – especially when it comes to real estate. Not only do basic things get really difficult for both of you,... more
Melbourne Outer suburbs


The towns outside of Melbourne that are growing in value

If you’re a home owner in 2019, then you will have learnt just how resilient you are. There have been some real nail-biting moments in recent months, but amidst the cloudy days there are - believe it or not - some patches of blue... more


How to de-pet your home when selling a property

There is always plenty to do to prepare your property for sale, but if you have pets, there are a number of specific things that need to be taken care of to ‘de-pet’ your property before it even goes on the market. Just because... more


5 Tips to finding the perfect real estate agent

If you’re thinking of selling your home, then you may already have an agent or be familiar enough with those in your local area to choose one. However, that may not always be the case – too much time may have passed since you... more


5 misconceptions about selling property

There are a lot of things to consider when selling your property, but few of us realise as we go through our ‘To Do’ list, just how many of those action items are actually huge misconceptions. When researching dos and don’ts, the... more


The rental market as a barometer for property value growth

Barely a week goes by lately without a dramatic headline about the ‘disastrous’ Australian property market. Headlines like “Australia suffering its greatest decline since….”, or “Australia’s housing downturn continues …” and... more