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Essential financial questions you should ask before upsizing

The need for a bigger property comes to all homeowners at one stage or another. It might be that single life has come to an end and you and your partner are buying your first home together. It could be that you need to... more


Top 6 tips to child proof your home

When a new baby arrives, a whole new level of domestic geography is revealed to unsuspecting new parents. Innocent cupboards become death traps and doorways and drawers potentially become dangerous guillotines for small fingers. more


Things to consider when buying a new family home

When the time comes for you to move into a new home that's suitable for the whole family, you will need to look at some features you might not have considered in the past. From local schools to open spaces, your real estate... more
selling house in winter


5 top tips to help you sell in winter

There is no perfect time of the year to sell a property, so forget what you’ve been told about the need to have flowers blooming and bees buzzing in order to get the best price. more


Is now the right time to upsize in Brisbane?

We all go through different life stages and the housing we choose is a direct reflection of this. From the cosiness of the family home, to crazy share houses, or sparse flats - once we fly the coop, as life happens our homes... more

Moving Home

The benefits of multi-generational living

For many families in the northern hemisphere, multigenerational living is a completely normal way of life. This is cultural in some respects – coming from centuries of instilled family values around taking care of women, children... more
Selling your Home this Now


10 reasons to decide to sell your property now

There comes a time in every property owner’s life when deciding whether or not to sell becomes a priority. Some may get overly eager in a strong market and think their time is now, however that can’t be the only motivation. There... more