You’ve ticked off socks, jocks, golf balls and power tools over the years, leaving you stumped when it comes to a Father’s Day gift that fits for 2023. But instead of skipping straight to the shops for a generic voucher, take some time to think about your dad – what he’s interested in, what he needs and values. Read on to discover the winning formula for great gifting and get inspired by our 10 dad approved gift ideas.


Firstly, consider what makes your dad unique

From coffee lovers to whiskey lovers, fitness fanatics and footy lovers, think about what your dad loves, any needs associated with these and how you can combine, we’ll help you get started:

  • Your dad’s interests – start by listing all the things your dad loves to do in his spare time. This is a solid foundation for brainstorming gifts.
  • What does your dad need? – initially you’re thinking, well he has everything, so a little bit of detective work is required! Is there something he uses often, and needs upgraded? For example, does he use a tired old lunch bag every day? Does he steal your favourite coffee cup? Is he still carrying the same ratty old plastic water bottle to the gym every week?
  • What he values – is he into having new experiences? A fan of quality time with friends or family or a lover of having the latest technology? Understanding what your dad values most is crucial to picking the perfect gift.


Get inspired by our 10 dad-approved gift ideas

If drilling deeper into what makes your dad tick hasn’t provided a lightbulb moment, we’ve curated ten easy and thoughtful gifts – all you’ll need to do is grab them and revel in the praise. So, whether your dad is a tech enthusiast, seasoned chef, adrenaline junky, bookworm or loves a bit of pampering, we’ve got something for every dad.

1. Gift an Experience

Memories last a lifetime, and new experiences are always great memory-makers. Whether it’s something you can do together, or your dad does solo, refer back to his interests and needs and pick an experience that aligns. Here are our top picks:

  • The pampered papa – if your dad needs some time out from his daily grind or loves some me-time, book him into a retreat or schedule a
  • For the fine dining father – shout him dinner (with or without you in tow) at his favourite establishment or a new restaurant you know he’ll love.
  • The petrolhead pop – hit one of the top race tracks in Australia for an unforgettable experience that will well and truly satisfy his need for speed.
  • For the sporty senior – book tickets to an upcoming game – if it’s AFL or Rugby League, you’ll have to plan for next year, but if it’s soccer, cricket, or basketball, then the timing is just right.
  • The adrenaline junky – from skydiving to jetboating, grab an experience from

Selfie skydiving tandem.


2. Keep your dad hydrated and well-fed in style

This one is for the office dad, tradie dad, travelling for work dad, gym addict dad – every type of dad! It’s time to upgrade their hydration and food transportation situations from single-use plastic or questionable leftover dinner packaging for something much better. Show them you care about their health, wellbeing and the planet by gifting them a Mier insulated lunch bag, a Hydro Flask insulated food jar, an oh-so-durable Carhartt lunch bag, a reusable drink bottle from the Takeya insulated stainless steel range or something colourful and trendy from Frank Green. They’ll be thanking you for years to come.


 3. Dine in with dad

Play chef for the day and treat your dad to his favourite home-cooked meal. It’s an easy and thoughtful gesture that’s affordable and allows you to spend quality time together. Accompany the meal with his favourite tipple and some good chat. Need some dinner inspiration? Delish has compiled 65 Father’s Day Dinner Recipes.

Father have fun cooking together with son in the kitchen.


 4. A few of his favourite things

Dads love hampers too but steer clear of the generic chocolate and condiment-filled variety and create a bespoke hamper just for him. While it does take a bit of extra effort, he’ll feel extra special that you’ve put so much thought into every addition. Fill it with things like his favourite tea, coffee, snacks, treats, beer or wine, and you can even include homemade edible extras like fudge or hot sauce.


5. Upgrade his home-office

Is your dad a regular WFH-er? With many workers being thrust into the world of WFH, plenty of us are still operating out of a temporary thrown-together space that’s seriously lacking in functionality and good looks. Give your dad’s home office a facelift with simple additions like a wireless keyboard, a sleek table lamp, an inspiring artwork or an ergonomic office chair. A few little touches will make your dad’s home office much more efficient and enjoyable.


6. Level up his bedside charging station

If your dad is one to lose his chargers constantly, has a not-so-neat bedside table that could do with some love, and multiple bits of technology charging at different points of the house, an all-encompassing bedside charger is what he needs! Some of the best bedside chargers can charge Apple Watches (more on this soon), phones or earphones and look stylish while they’re doing it. From wooden to leather finishes – to ones with integrated bedside lamps – and everything in between, there’s a charging station to suit every dad.


7. Fuel his passion for the written word – digitally

For dads who are avid readers yet to explore the world of technology-based reading, an e-reader will open their eyes to a new way of consuming books. There are plenty of e-readers to choose from, with Kindles and Kobos being some of the most popular. Amazon has just released a waterproof Kindle, perfect for the poolside or bath-reading dad.

Senior man sitting on sofa and using e-reader.


8. Get him on the fitness watch buzz

From simple step counters to heart rate monitors and sleep trackers, fitness watches have evolved in leaps and bounds. They’re great for dads that love hitting the gym or pounding the pavement but can also help keep an eye on heart health, provide insight into sleep quality, and even monitor glucose levels for people with diabetes. So, give your dad a gift that supports his health with one of these top-rated devices.

A man checking his heartbeat with smart watch.


9. Support his love of primping and preening

These days, manscaping, skincare routines and general primping and preening are not only widely accepted, by widely encouraged. Keep your dad well-groomed with the tools of the trade. Head to Mecca for the latest in men’s skincare, Manscaped to keep every inch perfectly manicured, or the Shaver Shop for a vast selection of electric shavers.


10. The spirit of subscriptions

Instead of grabbing a bottle of his favourite whiskey or wine, remind your dad how much he loves you monthly with a subscription-based service. Choose to Explore Whiskey or Gin, sign him up for a craft beer box with Craft Cartel or indulge his sommelier side with a bespoke wine box from Good Pair Days. Alternatively, in the spirit of subscriptions but without a drop of alcohol in sight, sign him up to Optus Sport and foot the bill, or give him the gift of Netflix and chill.


Celebrate your dad your way
Our dads are often pillars of strength, sources of wisdom and a guiding light that plays an invaluable role in shaping our lives. And regardless of if you’re a Father’s Day advocate or not, it’s an annual reminder to show them what they mean to you. It could be through a meaningful gift, a memorable experience, or by simply taking time out to be together – above all, it’s the thought, effort, and love behind it that truly counts. And for those who are missing loved ones on this day, use today to remember them however feels right.

Happy Father’s Day from the team at First National Real Estate!


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