The most loved up day of the year is coming! Where romance is in the air, florist’s sell-out of long-stemmed roses and couples everywhere celebrate l’amour (French for L-O-V-E). So how do you acknowledge your significant other without breaking the bank? Never fear, we’ve done the brain-work for you.

  • 1. Love box

In a sea of commercialism, what often counts most on Valentine’s Day is not how expensive the gift is, but the loving thoughts you share. Consider getting a box, and printing strips of paper that hold the 10…20 or even ‘50 things I love about you’.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas with Love


  1. 2. Dinner set for love

When planning a meal in for your loved one, make it a feast for the eyes. Splash out on red, consider paper table runners, heart shaped napkins, and cool mason jars with goodies in them. Also don’t forget that V-Day falls on a Friday night, so if things go well you could plan breakfast in bed too.

Dinner set for love


  1. 3. Sweet moments

Who doesn’t love lollies? Take an existing package from the store, wheel out your colour printer, and add a cheeky label. There’s a ton of inspiration online – from tic tac boxes, to jars of lemon drops, as well as candy boxes.

candy jar


  1. 4. Loving cup

Does your partner adore wine, a particular spirit, beer or soft drink? Take their favourite tipple and repackage it with your own cheeky message to them. They’ll be genuinely impressed, not only by your creativity but by having the excuse to indulge.

Loving cup


  1. 5. Beautiful bubbles

Gifts for the bath can be beautifully romantic. Decorate a little customised container of bubble bath mixture. Or if you’re thinking of friends you can create several. All you need are some distinctive jars or containers to create your very own bubbly love potion.

Beautiful bubbles


  1. 6. Box within a box

This is a very sneaky idea, that is borderline prank, so be warned! The caution here is to only try it on partners with a good sense of humour. The idea is to place your gift, preferably small, within another box. And that within another, and… you get the idea. It’s hilarious, and keeps idle hands occupied on Valentine’s Day.



  1. 7. Passion in bloom

Roses are so 2019. Hey, it’s 2020 – so dare to be different! Visit a nursery, or see what ‘living blooms’ your local florist has rather than doing what every other ‘Casanova’ in town is doing! Finding a distinctive pot or tin to how your plant, flower, cactus or succulent is also an excellent idea.

Indoor Plants


  1. 8. Hey honey

Food as they say, is a way to a man’s heart (and woman’s too). Explore the produce you can find at your local grocer or visit a farmer’s market for a distinctive item. Or just repack a condiment you know they’ll love. A honey jar for example is pretty sweet.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas with Love!


Valentine’s Day is a beautiful way to acknowledge your significant other. However even if you’re not paired up – there’s an increasing movement to celebrate the day with friends, mates and those that matter most instead. Romance can be bro-mance – and yes, ‘Gal-entine’s Day’ and ‘Pal-entine’s Day’ is actually becoming a thing! So, consider using Valentine’s Day (which happens to be on a Friday this year) as an excuse for a great night out with the girls (or lads) and enjoy!




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